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Matthew Schreiber Installed Royal Carpet Tiles in His Basement

By Paige Cerulli Created: October, 2023

When Matthew Schreiber wanted to convert a basement space into a home recording studio, exercise room, and living space, he needed a flooring product that would be suitable for those uses, but that could also withstand the challenges of a basement installation. He chose the Home Basement Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles and was pleased with not only the insulation process, but also with how the tiles have performed over the past year.

“The mats install super easily, and they basically fit in like puzzle pieces,” explains Schreiber. “I experimented with a few different colors and finally decided on the light grey and dark grey.” The resulting installation has a clean, eye-catching look.

Schreiber found that the mats offered two distinct advantages that made them appealing for this particular type of installation. “There’s really two benefits to this in my circumstances,” says Schreiber. “One is that [the mat] made the concrete floor a lot warmer. It has some nice insulation properties to it so it’s a lot more comfortable on the feet.” Schribers says the mats feel “really great” on bare feet.

Secondly, Schreiber notes that the mats provided an unanticipated benefit: They offer sound insulation properties, which is ideal when creating a recording studio.

When Schreiber began his project, he was working with an unfinished basement, so the mats needed to be durable and suitable for that type of environment. The pressure-release pipe on his water heater sometimes releases water which can end up on the carpet tiles, but Schreibers notes that the tiles bead water well. As a result, it’s easy to mop up the water, a major benefit compared to installing traditional carpeting in the basement.

The installation process was easy, and Schreibers appreciates that the tiles can be easily cut. “You can use either a mat knife or a sharp pair of scissors,” he says. “I used both. It’s really easy to trim to any customized shape.”

He highlights the fact that the tiles are durable and easy to clean. “You can see after a year of use, the carpet looks really good. It has sort of a nice bounce to it, which you don’t get with regular carpet.” he explains.
The tiles have helped Schreibers make the most use of his basement space. Schreiber, a teacher, uses the space as a recording area for music and for creating pre-recorded lectures and classes. “This has been a great home office during the pandemic,” he says.

Schreibers credits the tiles with being a good choice for his project. “Overall I’ve been super happy with it, and it was a good value,” he says. “It’s definitely improved the space as both a workspace and a living space, it’s become very multi-purpose. I’m probably going to order some more soon and do the other side of the basement as well.”

About the Home Basement Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Since the Home Basement Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles feature a foam backing and a waterproof design, they’re ideal for basement applications like Schreibers’. The tiles offer comfortable anti-fatigue properties that can make a hard basement floor more welcoming, and the padding helps to insulate the room against a cold floor.

The tiles are easy to install since they’re lightweight and fit together like puzzle pieces. Since the foam backing is already part of the tile, there’s no need to worry about underlayment. Each tile includes two border strips for a clean, finished edge, and a single person can easily perform the installation.

Even more importantly, the tiles can be removed and reinstalled if needed. This is an advantage if an area like a basement floods, but it also means the tiles are suitable for other applications, like trade show flooring. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for installation in a home, and they bring a comfortable feel to a basement, game room, or home theater.

They’re a low-maintenance choice, too. The tiles can be easily cleaned with a vacuum, and as Schreibers discovered, they can be easily wiped up after a leak or spill.

With several colors to choose from, you have plenty of design options with the tiles. The colors look great in many residential settings, and they’re also ideal for creating a professional aesthetic for your trade show booth. Opt for a single solid color for a uniform look, or buy tiles in multiple colors to create eye-catching patterns as Schreibers did.

Buying Your Carpet Tiles

As Schreibers discovered, these carpet tiles are an ideal choice for many reasons. If you have questions about these tiles or any other products, contact the Greatmats customer service team today. We’re happy to answer questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you find the best product for your needs.