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LonSeal Flooring Designs

Greatmats carries a full line of LonSeal flooring, giving our customers a highly versatile style of vinyl flooring that will work in many different planned use cases.

Different models of LonSeal flooring allow for installation indoors, outdoors, or in either location. They will deliver many years of outstanding performance, no matter whether they receive protection with an indoor install or whether they have regular exposure to sunlight and rough weather in an outdoor install.

How Long Do These Vinyl Rolls Last?

Customers who buy these vinyl roll products will receive outstanding performance over a long period of time. Many rolls of this product will have a manufacturer warranty period of 10 years or longer. Some carry a lifetime warranty.

Because of the longevity of the commercial-grade vinyl, the initial price will be spread over many years of high-level performance, making it more affordable than you may think at first glance.

To further reduce the overall cost of using these vinyl rolls, they do not require extensive maintenance or cleaning processes. If desired, customers can often perform the cleaning work on their own without needing to hire a professional to do the job.

At Greatmats, we work to save on delivery costs for our customers by shipping these large rolls of LonSeal flooring from a few different distributors, attempting to find the most cost-effective shipping origination location for each customer.

Specialty Flooring Products

When seeking a type of flooring that can meet non-standard requirements, count on our LonSeal flooring products to deliver the desired results.

Many customers select these rolls of LonSeal sheet vinyl for standard-use installations as well, such as at hotels or in office buildings. They provide excellent versatility, whether used in standard locations or in specialty installations.


A marine setting may receive exposure to difficult weather and ocean spray on a regular basis. These vinyl rolls are available for installation on The vinyl delivers slip resistance, which is important in the damp conditions often found on a boat.

Because of the tight quarters on a boat, the flooring in place must stand up to heavy foot traffic patterns. People often walk across the same spaces over and over on the boat, and these heavy-duty LonSeal vinyl rolls can handle this type of use case successfully.

What Flooring Should You Use on a Yacht?

For an expensive yacht or a similar type of boat, selecting a type of flooring that will reflect the value of the craft and will match the current decor is important.

Our vinyl rolls are available in either faux wood or stone patterns that deliver a high-end look. Among the wood floor pattern options, we simulate multiple expensive hardwoods, including walnut, mahogany, teak, and holly. For those who prefer stone, the added flecks in the stone pattern create a realistic look.

Aircraft and Military

When deploying vinyl floors in aviation settings, customers need durable flooring rolls that can stand up to storing heavy items. They also must yield a sure footing.

Airplanes used to transport military assets or heavy cargo often operate in tough conditions. The floor must be able to support the weight of these items without showing unwanted wear and tear.

Having a diamond plate texture, a coin top embossed pattern, or another type of raised flooring texture should give those using the airplane a sure footing and skid resistance. They will be able to stand and move around inside the cargo area of the airplane, allowing them to work while the plane is in the air.

Our vinyl floors made for aviation usage must meet all FAA requirements for floors while also matching or exceeding standards required for flame resistance.

Many of our floors made for aviation and military usage will also work for industrial layouts. Some of these floors can withstand the use of forklifts and other powerful machinery needed to transport cargo and other extremely heavy items.

Ambulance and First Responder Vehicles

When using vinyl floors in an ambulance or a similar type of emergency vehicle, the floor must deliver excellent durability while also being very easy to clean. LonSeal brand flooring will give customers these features.

When rolling a stretcher over the embossed vinyl in the back of an ambulance, it will allow the wheels to move freely, avoiding jarring the patient on the stretcher. It also provides a sure footing for the first responders and medical personnel working inside the ambulance.

What's the Best Flooring for a Pool, Hot Tub, or Other Wet Areas?

At a hotel that hosts guests using the pool or hot tub on the property, it is important to have a type of flooring that is slip-resistant. Damp areas can be slippery without the right type of flooring, potentially leading to liability for the hotel in slip and fall injuries.

LonSeal products all have a high level of slip resistance, even when dampness is present. The vinyl can also handle difficult weather and constant sunlight when installed outdoors.

Common Textures in LonSeal Flooring Rolls

  • Smooth
  • Coin top
  • Embossed
  • Beaded
  • Diamond raised pattern
  • Leather grain pattern