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General Lonseal Installation Information

By Greatmats Staff Created: March, 2023 - Modified: March, 2023

Resilient flooring – particularly in a high-traffic commercial environment – must withstand a variety of environmental extremes, including constant traffic, heavy static, dynamic loads, and temperature fluctuations.

Most manufacturers recommend heat-welded seams. Heat welding allows for strong, elastic seams that can bear the strains associated with resilient commercial flooring applications and the continued cleaning from commercial cleaning crews. Areas subject to extreme moisture should always be heat welded too to prevent moisture from getting under the flooring in the seam area.

Chemical seam sealer, Lonsealer, should only be used in light traffic areas and where the temperature will remain in a moderate zone with very little fluctuation. Vinyl flooring can expand and contract due to temperature and place stress on the seams.

Butt seaming methods with no seam sealer is primarily used in stages and TV Studios that do not want seams to show up on camera. This can also be effective when using the #650 Epoxy Adhesive as some of the adhesive will be pushed into the seam area and act as a sealer to some extent. Wipe any excess adhesive up on the surface of the vinyl immediately with Ethyl Alchohol or it will be permanent.

Tapes used in the installation of the floor vary depending on the application.
  • Commercial, interior building with HVAC and a temperature range between 65-85 degrees: #813 Premium Bond Adhesive and the DFT (tape) under the seam to keep the seam area free of any adhesive. The heat weld or use Lonsealer to treat the seam.

  • Stages, TV Studios, Dance Floors: #650 Epoxy Adhesive. Some dance studios may want heat-welded seams and if so, use the DFT (tape) and heat-weld. Lonsealer will not hold up to dancing. SHOWTAPE can be used to hold the flooring down as well and run the length of the floor on the perimeter and add some strips in the field as well.

  • Boats, vehicles, machinery, trade show floors (prefabricated), or any application that will experience temperature variations below 65 and above 85 degrees Fahrenheit: #650 Epoxy, #400 Contact, or LONTAPE which is a permanent tape system but 5 times the cost of adhesive and requires 100% coverage.

* Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific product that you are purchasing.