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When installing floor mats or padded wall mats for a school, having the school's name, mascot, or colors on the mats provides a look that will enhance school pride. Count on the high-quality logo mats for schools from Greatmats to create just the right design that will look great and last a long time.

Whether seeking an entrance mat for the school or padding to go over an outfield wall at the school’s baseball field, Greatmats offers multiple options.

Size and Shape Options

Our logo mats for schools are available in numerous sizes and configurations, making it easier to find the best model for the planned use case.

Schools looking to cover the floor in an office or in a student gathering area may want to use our indoor mat with a custom logo.

At the outdoor entrance door to the building, consider our Waterhog custom logo mat that has a tough surface and a rubber backing to catch moisture before it can leak onto the floor. This mat measures 35 by 58 inches.

Padded mats that will cover a concrete wall in a basketball gym or a hard wall at a football or baseball field can highlight the school colors in the vinyl covering. They can contain a logo that the manufacturer can print over the top as well. These pads range in size from 2 by 4 feet to 4 by 8 feet.

Material Options

The logo mats for schools designed as floor mats will consist of separate upper and lower layers. The top layer may use nylon or polypropylene that resembles carpeting. This layer contains the color and printed art element, logo, or wording, so it uses highly durable materials that will hold their colors.

For these types of floor mats, the backing will consist of rubber. Rubber will keep the mat in place against the subfloor, as it has a natural grip.

For indoor and outdoor padded logo mats for schools, the primary purpose of the mats is to protect athletes who may crash into the wall during games or practice. The interior of the mat contains high-impact polyurethane foam. This absorbs the impact of the collision.

The exterior material is available in 14-, 16-, or 18-ounce vinyl. This material is weather-resistant and is able to stand up to collisions without cracking or tearing. It helps the foam hold its shape as well.

All the materials used in these large mats will have UV resistance built into them, so the colors do not fade when exposed to regular sunlight.

Pattern and Texture Options

The primary element of these mats is the addition of the printed logo or school name, which requires a custom order. (Contact the Greatmats customer service team for more information.)

Some of our logo mats for schools allow multiple colors to be part of the logo or text printed across the surface of the mats.

Dozens of different base colors are available, meaning customers can match the color to the school’s primary color. Designers will want to select a base color that allows the logo to be clearly visible when printed across the top.

Common Use Options

The most common customers for our printed logo mats are schools, including public, private, Christian, and Catholic schools. Schools like the ability to generate school pride through the use of these mats.

These mats will work for either indoor or outdoor use. If you plan to place a mat outdoors or in a location where sunlight exposure will occur, make sure it has UV protection.

The entrance mats will have a bi-level surface design that allows people to scrape their feet and remove moisture. Some of our indoor floor mat designs will not be able to stand up to people scraping their feet at the door, so they will work better in an office or in another interior location.

Installation Options

The entrance and office floor logo mats for schools have a portable design. Just place them in the desired location without gluing them to the subfloor, so you can move them later if desired.

For the padded wall mats, some models use a bracket system to attach the mat to the wall. Others may use a hook-and-loop attachment system that secures them in place. And some mats have a connection system made specifically for use on a chain link fence.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

To clean the floor mats, run a vacuum cleaner over the top to pull dry debris out of the fibers. A carpet cleaning machine will do the job as well. Always use low power settings and safe cleaners on the mats to preserve the colors and printed logo.

For the vinyl-covered wall mats, customers can wipe them down with a rag, or they can rinse them with a garden hose and sprayer. Should the vinyl covering suffer a tear, we offer vinyl repair kits that customers can use to fix the problem.