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How To Install Mats For Driving On Mud

By Lisa Hobbie Created: February, 2021 - Modified: May, 2024

are a great product that can often be overlapped, butted up against each other or connected and placed over wet surfaces to help gain access in your car, truck, or other vehicle, to keep a premium vehicle clean for use in a photo shoot, to help get your vehicle unstuck when using a winch is not possible, and more.

Installing mats for driving on mud doesn’t have to be hard at all. By using one of the many ground protection mats from Greatmats, handles and other great features make installing them a breeze for one or two people. Simply grab the handles in the mats and drag or carry them to where you need them to add stability or to get a vehicle unstuck without a winch. These mats are designed to bend without breaking and have a textured surface on both sides, so they can be overlapped in soft and saturated areas, or butted up against each other on solid or more stable surfaces. Once finished, the mats can be lifted by hand, or, you can use equipment to remove them from the mud.

Do you love taking your ATV, four-wheeler, side-by-side, or other UTV out on the trails to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors? Perhaps, you use your 4x4 truck to get across acres of hunting land - over which you cross different types of soggy terrain. Or, maybe you like to take your vehicle off-highway to have some mudding fun in a swampy, marshy, boggy, or otherwise waterlogged space! Regardless of which scenario best describes your need for mats for driving on mud, Greatmats has the best and easiest ground protection mats that money can buy. And like most Greatmats products, they are easy to install.

When shopping for mats for driving on mud, deep snow, or other slimy, off road conditions, keep these tips in mind.
  1. Know the tire size you will want to accommodate and the weight of your equipment.
  2. Understand the features that are important to you.
  3. Determine what equipment you have available to install the mats, if any is needed for certain products.

mud traks groud protection matMost of the mats for driving on mud are relatively easy to install. Take the Mud Traks Ground Protection Mat, for example. These mats have rope handles, so they can easily be pulled out of the back of a pick up truck and placed over mud, sand, swamp or other areas in need of a solid, tractioned surface. These have optional steel connectors available if you want to use them, providing maximum traction as a portable road or driveway on which you can now drive under control.

2x4 ground protection matsIf you are someone who needs a bit of traction and help for driving or backing up an ATV or UTV over challenging terrain, the 2x4 Ground Protection Mats are the option you’re looking for. Although rugged enough to support 120 tons, each mat weighs only 21.5 pounds, but provides 8 square feet of coverage. Simply have them on the back of your UTV, and take them off - overlapping or placing them next to each other when needed. It’s as simple as that, and manageable for one person. The smaller size of these mats make them a feasible solution for smaller jobs than those required for large, heavy equipment.

4x8 ground protection matsIf you have a snazzy sports car or Monster truck that’s wanted for a photo shoot in a remote area, you can use clear 4x8 Ground Protection Mats to create a temporary roadway. Just dry lay them with connector pins, and you have a flat, clean surface on which to drive. Not only will they protect your vehicle from getting dirty or muddy, they will also protect the existing subsurface from getting damaged from your vehicle. These do weigh about 86 pounds each, so you may need some help laying them, but each one provides 32 square feet of coverage - giving you a temporary roadway in no time.

48x96 Ground Protection Scout matThe 48x96 Ground Protection Scout mats for driving on mud are another option to provide extra traction, minimal slippage, and enhanced forward movement - even in very wet environments. These will accommodate loads of up to 175,000 pounds, and are weatherproof, waterproof, and are nearly indestructible. Each 4x8 mat weighs about 88 pounds, so this solid, yet lightweight ground protection matting solution is perfect for manual installation and removal.

Greatmats - For Mats For Driving On Mud!

When it comes to protecting the ground, gaining access over muddy areas, or getting a vehicle unstuck, Greatmats truly does have the mats you need for driving on mud. You may be able to find mats on other websites or at other stores, but they will not offer the same service, quality and dependability that you will enjoy from Greatmats.

Regardless of the specific type of mat you’re looking for, Greatmats has a variety of options to suit any needs. With safety, comfort, durability, and quality in mind, any of the options found here would be an excellent choice. If you want more information or details, the Greatmats’ customer service team is readily available to answer questions an