Horse Training Series with Jesse Krier

By Greatmats Staff Created: November, 2021 - Modified: November, 2021

Desensitizing and building trust are a huge part of getting young horses ready for real world riding activities, whether its ranch and cow work, trail riding or competition. Clayton Wisconsin horse trainer Jesse Krier demonstrates several techniques to get your horse to trust you and prepare them for a more enjoyable riding experience. Watch for the following videos in his 15-part horse training video series.
  1. Ground Driving a Horse
  2. Desensitizing a Horse with a Rope
  3. Laying Down a Horse
  4. Disengaging a Horse Hindquarters for Mounting
  5. Desensitizing a Horse with a Lariat
  6. How To Load a Horse in a Trailer
  7. Forward Moving Horses
  8. Horse Obstacles - Logs
  9. Horse Obstacles - Steps
  10. Horse Obstacles - Bridges
  11. Horse Obstacles - Tires
  12. Horse Obstacles - Cowboy Curtain
  13. Horse Obstacles - Water Crossing
  14. Checking Cattle on Horseback
  15. Checking Fences on Horseback

1. How to Ground Drive a Horse

2. How to Use a Rope to Desensitize a Horse

3. How to Lay Down a Horse

4. How to Disengage Horse Hindquarters for Mounting

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Jesse Krier
K2 Ranch
Clayton WI 54004