Horse Trainer of the Year Kelly Murphy-Alley Colt Starting Tips

By Greatmats Staff Created: June, 2019 - Modified: January, 2022

Starting a colt or filly properly requires a calm and confident trainer with patience. Here are a few to get you started as taught by 2017 National Horse Trainer of the Year Kelly Murphy-Alley of Striking KMA Performance Horses. Kelly has 15 years of experience training and starting colts and focuses on all-around performance horses with the goal of creating quiet, soft-mouthed, well-balanced and eager to learn horses.

1. Filly or Colt Desensitizing

2. Line Lunging a Colt or Filly

3. Free Lunging a Colt of Filly

4. Introducing a Saddle to a Colt or Filly

5. Moving a Colt of Filly Forward After Saddling

6. Loping a Colt or Filly Under Saddle

7. Loping Hackamore vs Snaffle Bit for Colts and Fillies

8. Unsaddling a Colt or Filly

9. Quick Release Knots for Colts and Fillies

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