Field Protection Mats for Tire Traction - Smooth and Diamond Cleated

Smooth & Diamond Field Protection Tire Traction Mats

If you're wondering how you can drive your farm truck or tractor over soggy spring ground conditions without getting stuck or tearing up your lawn, field or pasture, field protection mats are the way to go. Not only do the provide excellent stability to prevent the tires from rutting up the soft ground, but they also serve extremely well as tire traction mats.

These mats won't waterlog like plywood and are virtually indestructible.

If you choose a field protection mat that has both a smooth side and a cleated side you'll want to know the purpose of each. The cleated side of field protection mats is designed to offer additional traction and prevent slipping. When placed over slippery grass or mud, you may want to place the cleated sided down to help keep the mats in place. In most cases, the smooth side will still work very well to drive on do to the stability of the mats under the tires. You'll also what to keep the smooth side up if you plan to do a lot of turning on top of the mats. This will prevent excessive grip with the tires and helps keep the mats from shifting underneath your farm equipment.

If you don't want indentation from the cleats on the surface you're covering, place the smooth side down. This is especially helpful if you have a neatly manicured lawn or if you are driving over finished surfaces such as pavement or rubber athletic tracks.
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