SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 5/8 Inch x 3x6 Ft.

SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft full tile.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft corner close.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft full ang corner curl.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft corner close curl.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft full ang left.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft full ang right.
SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 3x6 ft
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  • Perforated oil resistant mat
  • Food service mat
  • Closed cell Nitrile, PVC foam blend
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  • Black

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  1. Perforated oil resistant mat
  2. Food service mat
  3. Closed cell Nitrile, PVC foam blend
  4. Wet, dry or oily areas
  5. Slip and wear resistant
  6. Ergonomic safety mat
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Beveled edges

Stationary standing workstations, Sit-stand desks, Packing stations, Office environments, Reception areas, Wait stations, Service counters, Cashiers, Food service, Dish washing station, Bar area, Cooking line

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

SuperFoam Perforated Anti-Fatigue Mat 5/8 Inch x 3x6 Ft. - Resistant to oil and grease

made from closed cell foam composition does not absorb liquids and is very resistant to commonly found chemicals, oils, and greases. Make a great commercial kitchen mat.

SuperFoam Perforated Oil Resistant Anti Fatigue Mats

For a durable kitchen mat that protects employees from slipping on a wet floor and also adds cushion for standing, count on the quality of our SuperFoam Oil Resistant Anti-Fatigue Mats.

These mats deliver slip resistance for environments with constant high levels of moisture or with spilled liquids. Most kitchens consist of hard flooring, such as vinyl or ceramic, this material often will become slippery when wet, creating a liability issue for the property owner.

Just lay one of our 3-by-6-foot oil resistant anti-fatigue mats with perforations over the top of the hard floor to create a safe space for standing and avoiding slipping hazards.
This is a highly durable mat that consists of nitrile and PVC foam blended together. This mixture yields the durability customers would expect from rubber, yet our mats are lightweight because of the foam blend, weighing less than 1 pound per square foot of coverage.

Multiple Use Cases for Anti Fatigue Mat Designs

The restaurant industry represents a frequent purchaser of our 3x6 mats. Restaurants have multiple spaces in the building that can take advantage of the cushioning, durability, and anti slip properties of this blended foam material.

Working With a Fryer

When a cook is standing in front of a fryer in the kitchen, the chances of splashed oil or spills that create significant slipping hazards are high. Our mats catch any splatters or spills, allowing the cook to maintain a sure footing while standing and working.

Food Preparation

Food prep stations in a commercial restaurant kitchen require the chef to stand for long periods of time. Depending on the type of food, animal fats, greases, and oils could end up spilling onto the floor.

Our oil resistant anti fatigue mats prevent slips from these spills, while also giving the chef a cushioned place to stand for long periods of time without having fatigue in the lower body joints.


When working in a bar, servers often will stand behind the bar or counter, preparing and serving drinks. This can become an extremely messy area over a full night of serving customers.

Servers rarely have time to stop and clean up spills behind the bar, so they can use our mats to maintain a safe area to work. The perforations in the mat allow the liquid to move away from the surface of the mat and toward a floor drain behind the bar.

Servers then can stop to clean the spills at a later time when the rush of customers slows down.


In a buffet restaurant, customers will walk along the food serving area, selecting the foods they want. Unfortunately, customers are sure to spill some food during this process of serving themselves.

To help the restaurant avoid liability issues, try placing these slip resistant and oil resistant anti fatigue mats along the length of the buffet area. Customers will always be able to walk on top of the mats, maintaining their grip on the floor and reducing the chances of a slip and fall lawsuit.

Dishwashing Stations

Dishwashers employed at the restaurant often are extremely busy, needing to work through stacks of dishes as quickly as possible. While trying to work with speed, water spills and drips are sure to occur, potentially creating a slip hazard around the commercial dishwasher.

Place a few of our 3x6 mats around the area to create a large slip resistant space for keeping employees safe.

Server Workstations

When servers are standing at a workstation to enter orders and print tickets, they have a little bit of time to rest from moving around the restaurant to serve food and take orders.

Having our cushioned mat in front of the workstation gives the server a comfortable place to stand, saving wear and tear on the knees and hips.

Notrax SuperFoam T17 Oversized Mat Specifications

  • Width: 3 feet
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Thickness: 5/8 inches
  • Coverage per mat: 18 square feet
  • Weight per mat: 16.02 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Texture: Perforated

Maintenance and Care

Whether using these oversized 3-by-6-foot oil resistant anti-fatigue mats in a kitchen, a factory, or a garage, they will stand up to rough treatment. To maintain the longest lifespan for the mats, proper cleaning and maintenance is beneficial.

Owners should clean these mats by hand. Use of scrubbing machines or commercial dishwashers will potentially damage the mats or shorten their lifespans. Use of these machines also could void the 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Customers can use a high-pressure hose on these mats, if desired, but it must not exceed 500 psi of water pressure.

Sweep these mats with a push broom to remove dry debris. For wet mopping for stain or grease removal, use a mixture of hot water and a mild detergent or a non-butyl degreaser. Any other harsh chemicals or bleach-based cleaners could lead to damage for the mats.

Toward the end of the useful lifespan for these foam mats, customers may see cracks in the material or curling at the edges. This is a sign that it’s time to replace them.

SuperFoam is a registered trademark of NoTrax


Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface and the back of the mat. The surface can be damp-mopped with a mild soap/detergent.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and/or Phthalates, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

SKU# T17P0036
In Stock Yes
Product Type Mat
Material Type PVC/Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 5/8 inch
Width 3.00 feet
Length 6.00 feet
SF per Item 18.00
Weight 16.02 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Perforated
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Dry Lay flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year limited manufacturer

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