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Custom Door Mats, Front Door Mats, Personalized Door Mats

Greatmats offers a large variety of commercial door mats for both indoor and outdoor entrances. Many of these front door mats can be customized or personalized - whether it be a logo for branding, a funny door mat or simply a holiday or welcome door mat. You can find large door mats made of carpet, rubber, plastic and other materials.

Door mats are not only aesthetically pleasing elements that help to welcome visitors into your building, but they also play an important role in safety and building cleaning. Scraper floor mats help to trap moisture, dirt and grime, but a mat needs to be the right fit for your needs to do these tasks successfully.

Types of Door Mats

When deciding which type of door mat you need, you’ll want to start by determining whether you’ll be using the mat for outdoor or indoor use. The qualities of each type of mat can differ.

Outdoor door mats need to be able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as the effects of the sun’s UV rays. They’re also the first mat to be exposed to the water, dirt, and debris tracked in on shoes, so they need to be able to withstand larger volumes of these amounts than indoor mats.

You’ll also find some variation in the surface design of mats intended for indoor versus outdoor use. Outdoor mats are often designed to pull moisture away from shoes, draining it out of the bottom of the mat.

In contrast, indoor mats are usually designed to focus a bit more on pulling and scraping dirt from shoes. They may feature raised surfaces designed to wipe both the bottoms and the sides of the shoes, minimizing the amount of dirt that makes it into your building.

Qualities to Look for in Your Door Mat

In addition to choosing a mat that’s designed to be used either outdoors or indoors (and some mats are suitable for both applications), looking for the following qualities can help you to choose a mat that’s suitable for your needs.

Fast-Drying and Drainage Properties

Whether your mat is going to be used indoors or outdoors, a fast-drying design is essential for use in wet weather. A mat that dries quickly will be better able to withstand significant foot traffic while helping to prevent people from walking into the building with wet feet.

Mats have several different designs that facilitate drying. Some have ridged structures to keep shoes up and out of water, while others have channels that drain water away from the mat’s surface, keeping it dry and usable.

Traffic Capabilities

A mat’s durability, size, and overall construction will contribute to the amount of foot traffic that it can reasonably support. Smaller mats tend to be just fine for smaller businesses with limited foot traffic, but larger buildings with sizable high-traffic areas willl need larger mats, or a system of mats, that can handle that increased demand.

Recycled Materials

You may want to choose a mat that’s made with recycled materials. This choice may be personal, or it might be in keeping with your business’ priorities and branding.

Some heavy duty black rubber door mats are made of recycled rubber , while you can even find mats made with PET fabric from recycled water bottles.

Some mats, such as the Apache Grip Carpet Mat, utilized a anti-slip backing made of nitrile rubber. The rubber backing is topped by a water absorbent plush nylon yarn.

Size Options

As you explore the different door mats available, consider where you’ll use the mats and the optimal size for that application. Mats are available in many different sizes, from a compact mat suitable for use in front of a single door to larger mats useful in front of double doors and larger entrances or back doors.

The right size door mat will depend on the size of your entrance, as well as how many mats you plan to use it with. If you’re planning on setting up a system of both outdoor and indoor door mats, then neither mat has to be particularly long.

But if you’re planning to use just one mat, the longer that mat is, the more time people will spend walking on it and cleaning their shoes. Extending that anti-slip mat’s length will help you to get the maximum effectiveness from it, and a large mat will keep your building cleaner and keep people safer from slips and falls.

Ease of Cleaning

A quality non-slip door mat will help to keep extra dirt and water out of your building, but don’t forget that the mat, itself, will also need to be cleaned due to its ability to trap dirt. Choosing a mat that’s designed to be easy to clean can help your maintenance staff to save time.

Many of our mats can be vacuumed or are even washable with hose. You can also shake off many mats in between more thorough cleanings to keep them working at their best.

Door Mat Aesthetics

Your door mat contributes to the first impression that guests have of your building, so it’s important to consider the mat’s aesthetics, too. A welcome mat for your front entrance should reflect your building’s style and help to make that valuable first impression.

Among the best sellers are the absorbent Chevron Rib Carpet mats and Classic Impressions mats on which you can include a multi color logo or monogram for branding and functionality. You may also want to checkout the popular polypropylene Waterhog Fashion or Inlay logo mats for a personalized doormat.

As you browse the available door mats, you’ll find options with more of a luxury finish, as well as mats that have a clean, simpler look. Mats are available in many different color options, so you can choose one that complements your building or home decor.

Exploring custom mats can also ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Some mats are available with custom designs, and you can have them personalized with your logo, branding colors, or other important details that best reflect your business.