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Should You Let Your Artificial Grass Rug Get Wet?

By Kyle Schurman Created: July, 2022 - Modified: June, 2024

An artificial grass rug offers many benefits, from its durability to its low maintenance requirements and more. It has quite a few advantages over natural grass, but its biggest advantage may be its ability to handle rainstorms and other significant moisture without allowing mud to form and creating a huge mess for your dogs or kids.

Whether you want to install the synthetic turf rug in your pool area, play area, pet area, patio, or balcony, it can survive wet conditions perfectly. There’s no need to pick up the rug when the weather forecast calls for rain. Just wait out the storm, and you can be back to enjoying your outdoor space with the artificial turf in no time.

Is Grass Carpet Waterproof?

At Greatmats, we recommend the GreenSpace artificial grass rug outdoor product. One of its best features is that it can survive any kind of weather, including rain. When it comes to the GreenSpace product, why can turf get wet?

It consists of 80% polyethylene and 20% polypropylene fibers that do not absorb moisture so it can survive in highly damp environments. The backing is a synthetic latex, which also does not absorb moisture. As a Made in America product, you can trust the quality of the materials, further contributing to its ability to survive damp conditions.

Although the fake grass rug is primarily an outdoor product, you also could use it indoors in areas where you may have moisture, such as in a damp basement or in a kid's or dog play area, where dampness may occur through spills or accidents.

Can Artificial Grass Get Wet?

Yes, you can absolutely get your artificial grass rug wet. In fact, that’s often the best way to clean off your rug.
These rugs are designed to be low maintenance. The rugs also frequently serve as potty areas for dogs, so you can hose off urine and quickly clean up without getting too labor-intensive.

Some of our GreenSpace mats also feature drainage technology that allows water to quickly flow right through them. These designs help to prevent any water from pooling on the rug, allowing you to comfortably use the area after heavy rain.

This is a major benefit for outdoor patio, golf, and play areas. You don’t have to worry about bringing the fake grass rug inside during inclement weather, leaving more time to use the area after the weather ends.

How to Clean Your Artificial Grass Rug Safely

When it’s time to clean the green outdoor grass rug, you may wonder, can fake grass get wet during cleaning? Our GreenSpace product allows you to use water to clean it as needed.

If you need to spot-clean any area of the GreenSpace grass carpet outdoor product, use soap and water. You should then allow the material to dry completely before using it again.

Should the outdoor grass rug have dry soil on it, you can run a vacuum cleaner over it to keep it clean. Avoid using the vacuum on the edges, though, or it could become tangled.

The Best Artificial Grass Rugs for Sale

At Greatmats, we carry top-quality GreenSpace grass turf rug products in multiple sizes. You can install them indoors or outdoors, as they are suitable for many different uses.

4x6 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat

artificial grass rug
It’s not easy to find synthetic turf in a small size that still delivers commercial-quality construction. The 4x6 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat offers this type of quality, though, ensuring you receive a product that will not allow mold or mildew to form after significant exposure to moisture.

Even when a lot of rain falls on the rug, its individual blades will not crush down. The materials simply do not absorb water which could cause this type of damage.

6x9 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat

fake grass outdoor rug
For a medium-sized faux grass outdoor mat, the 6x9 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat has all the benefits you need for a patio area.

Its materials are soft and comfortable, so you can enjoy your time on the patio, even if you are relaxing in bare feet. It uses non-toxic and lead-free materials, so it’s safe for toddlers, children, pets, and adults.

Once installed, it yields a casual space that stays green and looks great at any time of the year.

9x12 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat

waterproof grass carpet for outdoor
When you need to cover a large space at a patio or balcony, the 9x12 Foot GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat is the ideal choice.

This is a durable material that will resist fading, even when exposed to regular sunlight. It’s stain-proof and odor-resistant, which is important if your dogs will be using the space at potty time. It carries a 10-year limited wear warranty, so you are receiving good value with your purchase.

Trust Greatmats to Help You Find the Perfect Artificial Grass Rug

When you need a grass carpet for your balcony product, finding one that can get wet without suffering damage or causing odors is key. At Greatmats, we recommend the GreenSpace green turf rug for patio areas as the best option for use in areas exposed to thunderstorms or other rough weather.

Trust our team to give you the advice you need when shopping for a synthetic turf mat that fits your planned use case. For help, reach out to the artificial grass rug experts at Greatmats today.