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What Are The Best Multi Color Carpet Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: March, 2022 - Modified: February, 2024

Carpet tiles are convenient, easy to install, and an excellent way to customize and revitalize the appearance of a space. But carpet tiles don’t have to be dull, one-colored additions to your room. Multi color carpet tiles add fun pops of color and let you exercise your creativity and decor skills.

The Benefits of Multi Color Carpet Tiles

Multi color carpet tiles are a popular choice for both home and commercial installations. They’re an ideal way to add a decorative touch to your bedroom, office, or school floor.

These multi-colored tiles are often bright and patterned, and you can find them in a variety of designs to suit your preferences and the style of the room that you’re decorating. When the rest of the room’s decor is relatively reserved, using multi color carpet tiles can add a bright, eye-catching touch that helps the room to come alive.

Diversions carpet tiles

Carpet tiles also offer many advantages because of their ease of installation and versatility. Often, you can install carpet tiles on your own, saving you the cost of a professional installer.

If you buy modular carpet tiles, they can be dry laid, removed, and then reinstalled again as needed. They’re ideal for many applications and let you enjoy the warmth, sound dampening, and comfortable properties of carpeting without the limitations of a full traditional carpet installation.

While multi color carpet tiles tend to conceal dirt and even stains well, if a tile is ever damaged or stained, you can usually remove and replace that one tile. That benefit saves you the cost of having to replace an entire carpeted floor.

Top 6 Multi Color Carpet Tiles for Sale at Greatmats

At Greatmats, we carry many multi color carpet tile options. Whether you’re looking for a product for a school, office, or home, chances are you’ll find a carpet tile that’s just right for your project.

1. Kids Carpet Tiles 1x1 Meter

Our Kids Carpet Tiles are available in many multicolor patterns, including fireworks, crayon, and pinwheel designs that are fun and that will appeal to kids. These tiles are ideal for education, hospitality, and pediatric settings.

Kids Carpet Tiles
The tiles feature plenty of cushion that makes them comfortable, and their PVC-free polyurethane back is designed to absorb both rolling and foot traffic. That backing contributes to the tiles’ durability.

The tiles also feature a waterproof layer between the carpet and the pad, which offers additional protection against spills, an important benefit in any setting intended for kids. The lifetime antimicrobial, soil, and stain treatment, plus lifetime anti-static protection, mean that these tiles offer many benefits and contribute to a safe and enjoyable room.

2. Etruscan Carpet Tile 1x1 Meter

The Etruscan Carpet Tile is available in five eye-catching patterns with a distinctive geometric element. You can combine, duplicate, and interlace that element to create intriguing patterns.

Etruscan Carpet Tile
The magic of this tile is that you can rotate it during installation to create nearly endless patterns. You can also opt for random rotations if you want a visually appealing floor without a distinctive pattern.

These tiles feature a StayTac non-adhesive installation system that allows you to remove the tiles as needed. The system rates a system that helps to prevent lateral movement, but you can manipulate the tile vertically as needed.

That StayTac system helps to eliminate the need for a traditional wet adhesive. You’ll enjoy a faster, simpler installation as a result, creating a modular carpet system.

3. Diversions Carpet Tile 50x50 cm

The Diversions Carpet Tile is available in many different multi-color options that are full of detail. This colorful, versatile flooring is designed for high-traffic areas, so it’s ideal for use in offices, public, and retail spaces.

Diversions Carpet Tile
The flooring features a PVC-free polyurethane back that can absorb rolling and foot traffic, contributing to the tile’s durability. There’s also a waterproof barrier between the carpet and pad for additional protection.

4. Design Medley II Commercial Carpet Tile 24x24 Inch

Available in six neutral color palettes, the Design Medley II Commercial Carpet Tile is an ideal option for commercial spaces. The tile features solution-dyed polyester that’s durable and soil-resistant.

Design Medley II Commercial Carpet Tile
With so many colors to choose from, the tiles offer flexible design options. They are Green Label Plus Certified and feature a textured loop design that’s easy to maintain.

5. Magnify Commercial Carpet Tiles 24x24 Inch

The Magnify Commercial Carpet Tiles feature beautiful multi-color geometric designs. They’re designed for high-traffic areas, and their commercial grade means they’re ideal for offices, classrooms, medical facilities, and more.

Magnify Commercial Carpet Tiles
These stain-resistant tiles feature solution-dyed polyester for durability. You can also purchase coordinating 12x48-inch planks to complete your installation.

6. Cocoon Carpet Tile 1x1 Meter

The Cocoon Carpet Tile is available in a wide variety of multi-color palettes, from the neutral to the bright and bold. You can create many patterns with the tiles by grouping and repeating them, or install them randomly to avoid creating a pattern.

Cocoon Carpet Tile
The tiles feature a StayTac non-adhesive installation system that allows you to remove them in the future. You can remove them individually or in sections.

The tiles’ backing system provides support, cushion, and noise reduction, which can enhance any space.