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What's the Best Modular Flooring for Indoor Handball Courts?

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: October, 2023

  1. What Is the Right Sports Flooring for Indoor Handball Courts?

  2. Can You Use Vinyl Topped Plastic Tiles for a Handball Court?

  3. Can You Use Colorful Plastic Tiles for Indoor Handball Courts?

Indoor handball courts require a sturdy type of flooring that supports players while giving them the ability to make quick cuts without slipping. The best modular flooring for indoor handball courts will be great for practice and games, while providing a surface that also works for other kinds of sports, including basketball and volleyball.

Some of the best options to create a floor for a game of handball include:

  • Basketball Court Gym Floor Pro Tile
  • Max Tile Raised Floor Tile
  • TileFlex Floor Tile
  • Court Floor Flat Top Tile
  • Indoor Court Tile Solid Surface

What Is the Right Sports Flooring for Indoor Handball Courts?

Flooring for handball can consist of a number of different materials. When a DIY installation with tiles is in the works, the tiles often have a plastic base that provides the stability required. Many of these types of tiles have a vinyl layer over the top, mimicking the look of wood tiles or slate, which delivers a great look.

Flooring made for sports courts needs to create a safe surface for athletes, so they can avoid injury. If the flooring is too hard, athletes run the risk of suffering stress injuries in the lower body, including the ankles, knees, and hips.

Having a shock-absorbing property with these modular tiles, while also delivering stability for making cuts in shoes and for providing a consistent ball bounce, is a key to creating a safe and efficient court. Whether these are indoor handball courts that will be for the public or will be for a private club, having high-quality flooring is essential to the health of the athletes.

As another advantage of modular tiling for indoor handball courts, the installer can cut them to fit a particular size and coverage area. Lock the modular tiles together until they reach the edge of the room, where the installer can cut each individual tile to fit the dimensions of the remaining space.

Can You Use Vinyl Topped Plastic Tiles for a Handball Court?

One of the best modular tiles for indoor handball courts consists of plastic tile bases with a vinyl top layer. These tiles pop together quickly, creating a simple DIY install.

The plastic base tray contains an interlocking system, which will hold it together under the stress of athletes playing handball on the finished floor. The vinyl layer has a design that allows it to resemble wood or other materials, creating a high-end look.

Basketball Court Gym Floor Pro TileThe Basketball Court Gym Floor Pro Tile has a base tray layer consisting of no-break polypropylene plastic, providing excellent stability. The vinyl layer resembles a maple wood basketball court, including a wear layer that ensures the tiles will not show unwanted wear, even when used regularly for handball games or practice.

Max Tile Raised Floor TileThe Max Tile Raised Floor Tile is another popular choice for handball courts, featuring a durable plastic polypropylene base with a 3 mm thick vinyl layer. The vinyl has faux oak, cherry, maple, and walnut finishes available, as well as a slate finish. The wear layer on the top of each tile has a 15-year rating for its finish.

TileFlex Floor TileFor those who want to create a handball court with a different look, the TileFlex Floor Tile is a good choice. These interlocking tiles have a vinyl layer over the plastic base that can resemble a traditional stone or granite finish.

With these plastic base tiles in an enclosed handball court, installers often install a thin rubber layer as an underlayment to provide just a bit of cushioning and to suppress unwanted noise.

Can You Use Colorful Plastic Tiles for Indoor Handball Courts?

Court Floor Flat Top TileFor those athletic clubs, schools, churches, or YMCAs that want to create a colorful look in the handball flooring, the Court Floor Flat Top Tile is the perfect solution.

These firm plastic tiles consist of solid red, blue, black, or gray colors. Because the hidden interlocking system on the underside of the plastic base tray is universal for all colors, installers can mix and match colors. Installers can paint game or court lines atop the plastic, giving this floor plenty of versatility.

These polypropylene plastic tiles have an easy-to-assemble interlocked design, making them an ideal choice for places that may be relying on volunteers and members of the public to install the handball court. Should a single tile in the layout become damaged, just pop that tile out of place and add a new tile.

This model of handball flooring tile is even suitable over carpeting if it is low pile and no pad carpeting. In all installs over concrete, a thin rubber underlayment layer is a recommended addition.

Indoor Court Tile Solid SurfaceFor commercial and school gym installations, consider our Indoor Court Tile Solid Surface. This tile is available in over 15 colors and has superior durability for indoor courts and events. This tile is easy to install for temporary or long-term use. It even features a smooth, flat top surface with rounded edges to prevent snagging.