What Are the Best Bucket Truck Mats?

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. What Ground Protection Mats Can Handle Up to 120-Ton Loads?

  2. What Bucket Truck Mats Can Handle 80-Ton Loads?

  3. What Temporary Roadway Mats Have a Transparent Design?

Bucket truck mats are key pieces of equipment for construction companies, tree trimming services, utility companies, and roofing companies. These mats provide the ability to create a temporary roadway over soft ground or mud, protecting the lawn or yard from tires or treads on large machinery sinking into it and ruining it with deep ruts.

Some of the best specific models to use as bucket truck mats include:
  • Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat
  • AlturnaMats Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat
  • Liberty Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat
  • Clear Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat
  • Mat-Pak Ground Protection VersaMat 4x8 Foot Mat

Mats with a size of 4 by 8 feet work best as bucket truck mats, as they have the width to deal with machinery of all sizes and configurations. Whether the construction company needs to use a vehicle with rubber tires or with tracks, these large mats can handle the weight.

Construction companies appreciate the ease with which their employees can lay out bucket truck mats, creating a space to park a large truck while it’s in use or placing multiple mats end to end to make a roadway to bring the large equipment across soft ground without having the truck or machinery sink into the ground and become stuck or damage the existing surface.

Rather than trying to create a concrete, gravel, asphalt, or blacktop roadway at a construction site, which can cause significant problems with cleanup after the job finishes, these mats don’t leave residue behind. And if for some reason the crew needs to cross surfaces made of the above material with their heavy equipment, they can do so without causing damage to the existing roadway or driveway.

Some of the different customers for bucket truck mats include:
  • Utility companies
  • Tree trimming businesses
  • Painting companies
  • Sign and billboard establishments
  • Roofing companies
  • Lighting organizations
  • Fruit picking companies
  • Window washing businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Earth moving businesses
  • Road construction operations

What Ground Protection Mats Can Handle Up to 120-Ton Loads?

For the largest equipment, a mat that can handle loads up to 120 tons will deliver the best results. The AlturnaMats Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat is one of the most durable and sturdiest bucket truck mats available.

The top surface of the AlturnaMats product has well-spaced cleats that ensure maximum traction for a mobile elevating work platform. Vehicles won’t slip out of place, even if the layout of the mats isn’t perfectly level because of the type of terrain in the area.

Another mat that can handle massive equipment, no matter how soft the ground underneath is, will be the Mat-Pak Ground Protection VersaMat 4x8 Foot product. It can handle loads up to 120 tons, while protecting the grass.

The aggressive cleat pattern on one side of the mat is made for foot traffic, giving pedestrians a level of traction similar to what they’d receive on pavement. The reverse side of the Mat-Pak mat has a tread pattern made for vehicles, using a similar tread to what’s found on the AlturnaMats product.

What Bucket Truck Mats Can Handle 80-Ton Loads?

For those companies looking to save a bit of money on the ground protection mat product, seek a model with a lower load rating. Even with an 80-ton load, these mats still will be able to handle the majority of work vehicles they will encounter as most bucket trucks don’t even weigh half of that.

The Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat model uses a durable polyethylene material that will not absorb water, giving it a significant advantage over using plywood that tends to waterlock, warp and splinter.

This mat has different tread patterns on each side of the mat, ensuring the client can match the tread to the planned use case and the vehicles in use. An aerial work platform will not slip out of place when on top of these treads.

The Liberty Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat is another 80-ton load mat with an aggressive tread pattern that works to support an elevating work platform without concerns over slipping out of place.

With hand holes around the perimeter of the mat, employees will be able to easily carry the products around the work site, creating the temporary roadway in any location. Each mat weighs only 77 pounds, so it’s easier to move these mats into place than with heavier models.

What Temporary Roadway Mats Have a Transparent Design?

One of the downsides of most ground protection mats is that they block sunlight from reaching the grass underneath. Without removing the mats regularly, the grass will die.

However, with the Clear Ground Protection 4x8 Foot Mat, customers receive a temporary roadway mat that has a translucent design, meaning it allows UV light to pass through it to the grass below.

This mat includes cleats on the surface, which ensures that it will work with an AWP, EWP, or MEWP without concerns over slips. When using this mat underneath a truck outrigger, customers should use an outrigger protection pad underneath the outrigger.

Even with the clear design, the recycled polyethylene is extremely tough, providing excellent durability that matches other kinds of mats. It has a lifetime warranty.

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