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Essential Qualities Of Carpet For Casinos

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2022 - Modified: February, 2024

Finding the right casino carpet can truly bring together your casino’s overall design. The carpet also needs to be durable enough to withstand the commercial environment and the significant foot traffic that it will see. With the right casino carpet, you can maximize your investment and create an attractive-looking casino.

What to Look for in Casino Carpet

As you explore the different carpet tiles and squares for sale, look for the following qualities in a casino carpet.


The carpet you choose needs to be highly durable. Casinos have significantly more foot traffic than other spaces, and that traffic is often condensed in popular areas, like in front of slot machines and game tables.

durable carpet for high traffic areas

Look for a product that is designed specifically for commercial use, and that has stain-resistant, hard-wearing fibers. It’s a good idea to choose a product with a longer manufacturer’s warranty, too.


The design of your carpet is key to the overall look of your casino. Carpet makes a big impression on customers, and it helps to shape their experience from the moment they step inside the casino.

In true Las Vegas style, consider choosing carpet that is loud, weird, and that has a bold pattern and texture. Red tiles are highly popular, but you can alternate them with tiles of other solid colors to create striking patterns and designs.

Installation Type

You will want to consider the type of installation that is best for your casino. Adhesive installations are the most durable and long-lasting, but they also tend to require the most time and labor.

Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles

Many tiles are available with a peel-and-stick installation that gives you long-lasting durability while simplifying the installation process. Non-adhesive installation systems, like the Stay-Tac system, are a practical alternative.

You may want to consider modular tiles if you anticipate needing to remove the tiles in the future. With modular tiles, if a tile is worn or damaged, you can replace that one tile, rather than replacing the entire section of flooring.

That capability is a major benefit in casino settings where stains and damage are possible.

Easy Maintenance

You will also want to choose a carpet that is easy to maintain. With most of our commercial carpet tiles, cleaning the tiles is as easy as using a vacuum cleaner.

Many of the tiles can also be cleaned with commercial carpet cleaners on occasion.

Casino Carpet for Sale at Greatmats

At Greatmats, we have several carpet square products that are ideal for use in casinos.

Higher Calling Carpet Tile

The Higher Calling Carpet Tile offers a distinctive lined pattern that can make a big impression in a casino setting. The high-traffic tile enhances your casino decor and is available in many bright, vivid color options.

Higher Calling Carpet Tile

These commercially rated tiles are stain resistant and highly durable. They feature a polyurethane back that helps to absorb both rolling and foot traffic to minimize tile wear and prevent buckling.

Clockwork Carpet Tile

The Clockwork Carpet Tile features many curved designs that guide your eye through your casino. There are potentially endless ways to install these tiles, and you can create deliberate patterns or random rotations.

Clockwork Carpet Tile

If you get tired of the existing pattern, you can change the tiles’ orientation, thanks to the StayTac non-adhesive installation system. That feature allows you to experiment and change the pattern until you find the layout that’s just right for the space.

The tiles are one meter, so they will quickly cover larger spaces. There is a waterproof barrier between the cushion and the pad, maximizing the tile’s durability and lifespan.

Cocoon Carpet Tile

The Cocoon Carpet Tile features a highly versatile tile that allows you to create countless patterns or even no pattern, depending on how you rotate the tiles during installation. The tiles are stain resistant and highly durable, and their polyurethane back can absorb the foot and rolling traffic common in casino settings.

Cocoon Carpet Tile

Thanks to the StayTac backing system, the tiles offer support, cushion, and noise reduction to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your staff and customers. You can install and remove the tiles as needed, and there’s no need to apply a wet adhesive during the installation.

These tiles are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Estruscan Carpet Tile

The Estruscan Carpet Tile features a geometric element available in several shades that can transform your casino into a refined space. That geometric element allows you to create detailed combinations for an elevated, beautiful floor.

Estruscan Carpet Tile

The tiles are guaranteed to create a matching pattern, and you can also install them without creating a pattern. They are highly durable and a waterproof barrier between the carpet and pad offers extra protection.

The tiles’ modular design means you can remove them as needed, and their StayTac backing system creates support and cushion while also reducing noise for a more enjoyable casino environment.

Trinity Carpet Tile

If you’re looking for bold and highly detailed, you will find it in the Trinity Carpet Tile. The tiles are available in a wide selection of colors, and they’re guaranteed to create a matching pattern.

Trinity Carpet Tile

The tiles are ideal for a casino environment since they help to reduce noise and provide a cushion for a comfortable flooring surface. They also don’t generate static when people walk on them, and they can be removed individually if you need to replace a tile.

Cleaning the tiles is easy. You can use a vacuum or a professional cleaning machine when a deeper clean is needed.