What is a rubber mat for? Use Types for Rubber Flooring

By Greatmats Staff Created: December, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

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Rubber mats are some the most versatile forms of specialty flooring available. They are most often used to either protect a subfloor from impact, wear and tear - or to offer safety of sorts to the people or animals on top of them.

Rubber Mats for Fitness

Rubber mats are excellent for fitness flooring. The rubber material is durable enough to withstand heavy fitness equipment sitting on top of them. And at the proper thickness, the rubber mats also protect your subfloor from the impact of dropped weights or movement of heavy furniture/equipment.

It offers non slip surface that will maximize effort put forth in weightlifting or plyometric exercises.

Most often made from recycled tires, these mats are very firm and will last for years if not decades.

Rubber Mats for Animals

Rubber mats are also popular for use in horse or dog areas. In horse stalls or barn aisles the mats help reduce dust, erosion, fatigue and cleaning time.

While you generally won't feel much cushion from the hard rubber material, it does offer fatigue relief for large animals, such as horses or cattle when they are confined to a barn stall. With a concrete floor. If the stall has a crushed rock or dirt floor, the use of rubber mats will help reduce the erosion of the stall floor - especially from animals that like to paw at the ground. And when it comes time to clean the stall, it keeps you from removing the existing loose flooring material when mucking out bedding and waste.

When used in a dog area, the mats generally often a grippy surface for dogs to run and play that won't hurt their paws. They are also easy to clean and sanitize, should an accident occur and won't be damaged by claws of pets at play.

Rubber Mats for Play

When your talking about rubber mats for play, you'll most often be talking about outdoor playground mats. The mats are designed to increase fall protection under playground equipment and reduce erosion at the bottom of slides or under swing sets. Don't confuse rubber mats with the foam kids puzzle play mats as rubber mats are much heavier, firmer and grippier than foam play mats - which are most often designed more for cushion and portability.

The uses for rubber mats are nearly endless. You'll see them on ice hockey arenas, rooftops, patios, decks, basements, fitness facilities, barns, event centers and everything in between.

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