The Best Aircraft Hangar and Cabin Flooring Options

By Lisa Hobbie Created: November, 2020 - Modified: November, 2020

  1. TuffTrak XL Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat

  2. LonCoin II Featherweight Vinyl Rolls

  3. LonStratus Vinyl Rolls

  4. SupraTile Diamond Pattern Flooring

  5. LonMistral Vinyl Rolls

Aircraft hangars are important and essential to aircraft owners. Having a safe and adequate space to store an aircraft is one of the top priorities. Whether an airplane, helicopter or other craft, commercial and private pilots and owners need a space or bay where they can park. Airports and airlines are investing in infrastructure and facilities often located near an airport or maintenance garage, where the craft will be kept when no passengers or pilots are in the plane.

Aircraft hangar floor covering solutions are one of the most important aspects of a quality hangar. The flooring must be durable and chemical resistant, with the ability to withstand heavy loads, impact, abrasion, wear, and chemical spills.

If you are in the market for an aircraft hangar floor covering system or cabin and cockpit flooring options, Greatmats is the perfect place to shop. Offering the best service, cost, and shipping, you simply can’t go wrong with any of the aircraft hangar floor covering options for sale at Greatmats.

TuffTrak XL Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat

TuffTrak XL Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat

These heavy-duty ground protection mats provide a tough and durable aircraft hangar floor covering.

Each of these mats features eight corner connector fixing points with two on each edge, and the low profile composite traction surface with chevron nub design provides maximum grip. This will help the aircraft stay parked in a precise position, and it will help to minimize the likelihood of a slip situation in wet conditions.

With a weight load of 30,772 pounds per square foot and 77.5 square feet of usable surface area per mat, this mat system is strong enough to support many types of aircraft.

The mats are non-conductive and made from a premium, 100 percent high molecular weight polyethylene plastic blend that is black in color.

LonCoin II Featherweight Vinyl Rolls

LonCoin II Featherweight Vinyl Rolls

Perhaps you are looking for floor coverings for the cabin or cockpit of your aircraft.

If so, the LonCoin II product is an excellent solution. Designed to be used in military and specialty vehicles, this embossed product provides great traction - reducing the risk of slipping. It features sound-absorption and dimensional stability assets, and it is available in an assortment of colors and design selections.

These 6x60 foot rolls are made from recycled content and are an antimicrobial, GreenAir product.

LonStratus Vinyl Rolls

LonStratus Vinyl Rolls

While we are on the subject of aircraft interiors, the LonStratus vinyl rolls are an amazing product that can be used in virtually any space of a plane, helicopter, or other craft.

These 6x60 foot rolls have a fabric appearance, but they deliver endurance and toughness. The surface looks like linen fabric - offering a tranquil atmosphere and classy appeal to the aircraft interior.

This can be used on the floors, walls, and ceiling of an aircraft as the product is durable and tough. It is also phthalate and SVHC free, and it’s a GreenAir, GreenMedic, and Featherweight product. It is also a low VOC.

SupraTile Diamond Pattern Flooring

SupraTile Diamond Pattern Flooring

Designed for warehouses and garages, the SupraTile Diamond Pattern Flooring makes a great aircraft hangar flooring covering. This product is oil and chemical resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and impact, moisture, and abrasion-resistant.

It can be quickly and easily installed over essentially any existing subfloor, so even if your hangar isn’t a new build or construction, this flooring will work. It features superior sound absorption, warmth, and comfort.

There is a large selection of colors, textures, thicknesses, and interlock styles, and this PVC/vinyl top flooring features integrated ramp edging for most styles. This product is accompanied by a 20-year warranty, so you can be confident in knowing that it will look and perform well for years to come.

LonMistral Vinyl Rolls

LonMistral Vinyl Rolls

A final product that would really enhance the look of an aircraft’s interior, the LonMistral Vinyl Roll is a superior product. It really enriches the plane’s cabin area by presenting a distinct wood appearance.

This product does an excellent job disguising dirt and scuffs and provides a much more attractive appeal than a boring white floor does. This easy-to-maintain product is one that is GreenAir and GreenMedic certified and comes in exciting and attractive colors.

Greatmats - for your aircraft hangar floor covering and cabin flooring needs!

Although this is just a small sample of what Greatmats has to offer, rest assured, that if you have a flooring need, Greatmats has you covered. From the best aircraft hangar floor covering options to cabin flooring needs, there is a product or flooring solution that would work perfectly for your project.

Simply reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Greatmats, and they will help you determine the product or products that are right for you.
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