Tatami Jiu Jitsu Puzzle Mat Testimonial - Louisburg Jiu-Jitsu

By Brett Hart Created: July, 2019 - Modified: April, 2020

Quality, affordability and strong customer service are three critical ingredients in the best recipe for success for any new business.

For Founder and Owner Adam Noll, those ingredients aren’t just limited to his own business but those he uses to get his newly-formed jiu jitsu gym off the ground - which is why he purchased the mats for his gym from Greatmats.

Focused on providing a positive, family friendly place to train practical self defense in Louisburg, Kansas, Noll was pleased to find the same values at Greatmats.

“Positive reviews and affordable pricing topped off by outstanding customer service when I called assured me that Greatmats was the company for me and my business!,” Adam said.

After installing and using his new 1.5 inch thick tatami textured Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats, this feeling was only reinforced.

“They look great!” he said. “Excellent quality! Super easy installation! Very happy with them, and the price is unbeatable!”

About Louisburg Jiu-Jitsu

Adam Noll received nine years of martial arts and combat training in the United States Marine Corp and has 30 years of wrestling experience. He is a USA Wrestling Bronze Certified and SafeSport Certified Coach as well as a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Louisburg Jiu-Jitsu opened its doors in December 2018 under Keith Owen of Team Rhino Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and works to support its local community and jiu jitsu family through positive training and outreach programs.
Adam Noll
Louisburg Jiu Jitsu
Louisburg KS 66053