Customer Reviews for: Garage Floor Tile Diamond

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Love my new Diamond tile garage flooring. Very easy company to work with. From time of order to when I got my flooring only took 3 days. This was so easy to install. It was just like putting a big puzzle together. Took my longer to clear out my one side of the garage. I am very happy with this product that now I am thinking about doing the other half of my garage now.


Warren, OH

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I want to say Thank you first to Sarah for working with me. Love my new diamond tile for my motorcycles in my garage. Great company to work with. Shipping took only 3 days. And only about an hour to to one side of my garage. Very easy like putting a puzzle to together. Now I need to do the other side of my garage.

Michael Theodore

Warren, Ohio

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I always wanted a floor like this for my garage/ and saw on on great mats that they send the product to put in/ explain how to do it/ and with their help was no problem. Just snap together and it was in. Love the company and how much they help you out. Great company. Very easy to put in and made my garage have more room by putting down more pieces. I ordered more room to drive on and walk around on. Great company and fantastic floor. If you want any type of floor, call them. They will help you right out.



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Excellent product, very well built. Extremely easy to install. Took only 1hr of my time to do the section of my garage dedicated to my vehicle. Would reorder this product in a heart beat!!

Miguel Minervini

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Great response on quote for the quantity we got and was delivered in less than a week. This was our 2nd order with Great Mats. First was a "trial run". Very please with quality.


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Very nice


Easley, SC

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Great product and love that you can order individually. If you miscount and need to go back for a few more you are not stuck buying a minimum.

Epic IT Solutions, LLC

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I bought the plastic car Matt?s for a 4 x 6 area with the impression that they were a square foot like it?s states. These are in fact larger than a square foot. Now I have to make cuts in 10 of them. Making the job more difficult. If I would have known this I would not of bought them.

Adeline Bissell

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A very good company to wok with. Sales people really know the products and are very courteous.

Lee King

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Product order was delivered exactly on time. Tiles were very easy to trim and install and look great. They are not as thick as I thought from the online description, but are still very nice. I am pleased with the final installation came out.


Cresskill, NJ

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Everything shipped on time and even a bit early! Beth was very helpful.


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These great snap tiles are good looking first class material and easy to put down. Thank you very much.


Greensboro, NC

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Great product stands up to anything


Brooklyn, NY

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Samples looks and feels great, cant wait to build our house and do the garage thank you

Wally Vandertoorn

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The tiles are fine. They did the job I wanted them to do.

CenterLine Communications

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We completed the installation of our Greatmats floor yesterday and thought you’d like to see the results. If anyone ever asks how easy it is to install Greatmats tiles, we have proof that an 8 year old and a 12 year old can do it. My wife and I set down the first few rows and then we asked Allison and Ryan (8 and 12) if they would like to help. Once they saw how the tiles locked in place, the two of them actually finished the job in 2 1/2 hours. The floor looks great. This was truly an excellent investment. Thanks again for your help.



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Great product

James Barakakos

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easy to install -looks good - now well see if its durable...

Leon Weissberg

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The tiles fit together very nicely. There was no need for anchoring, as the floor laid completely flat. Easy to cut tiles for edges and to fit into corners with a bandsaw.

Roy Pollack

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We just put the 670 plus tiles in place in our garage today. They were super easy to install and the way they are manufactured, its just about impossible to not have it turn out perfect. The snap together construction assure you of a perfectly square layout. Easy, well out two next door neighbors aged 12 and 8 came over and placed the tiles after we started the first couple of rows, The result is a beautiful floor and we expect will look great fr years to come. Thanks Greatmats, for a fantastic, easy to use product.

Gary Morgan