Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Bump Top Black

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The StayLock Tile Bump is a pretty awesome product. I had half my room laid out with the flooring and just ordered the other half. Seems pretty sturdy and connects with the other tiles with ease. Most of my equipment isn?t in yet so I haven?t had the opportunity to test it with really heavy weight but seems to respond well to about 190 pounds.

Ben Harrell

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Excellent product, easy to assemble looks great!

Roger Voyer

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Great product. Expensive shipping.

Linda Fletcher

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Great floor for home gym. No need for sub floor over concrete. Love it.


Beaver Creek, OH

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Product looks good and seems to be doing the job.

Paul Welder

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Excellent product. Works as advertised for a good price.


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Absolutely fabulous product, customer service, and company. Tiles work awesome on carpet as stated. They are heavy and durable and look great in my house. Small color mixup, I called the company and got immediate response and resolution. So glad I chose this product for my home gym.


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Can't believe I put this bad boy together by myself. ... They have held up really well. ... It doesn't slide at all on the carpet.


Traverse City, MI

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I really like the mat. Very easy to assemble. Have a very thick carpet so had to put cardboard underneath. But it works great.

Tiger Lady

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Great mats for my home gym with same-day shipping.


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I am very happy with my purchase! Customer service was excellent, shipping was fast, and the product is great!

Deborah K

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Very pleased with these mats for home gym. Lock tight and seal very nice. Placed over plywood resting on carpet.


Colorado Springs, CO

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Staff was friendly and knowledgable on the phone. Directed me to the right product and sent a sample to a convenient address for me. Product met all expectations and I look forward to installing flooring in my home garage/gym.

Bert Govig

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Exceeded our expectations from start to finish. Bump top squares fit extremely well together; do not emit an odor; and look very professional with the trim. Hint: Installs in half the time with the tap of a rubber mallet!

Martha Beltz

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Great customer service and product. I ordered 650 sq ft for my basement gym and love it. I have a concrete floor with no subfloor under the stay lock bump tile floor and its amazing. I do lots of plyo and deadlifts. No problems. Cannot recommend their flooring enough.

Isidro Neikov

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Flooring was easy to install. People I talked to were very nice and curtious. Would use this company again.


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The mats are very strong and lock together. Theyre perfect.

Nathan Small

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Wanted to install the mats for an exercise equipment, over carpet Works great Soft enough, yet sturdy enough

Kevin Stewart

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Easily installed and wears great. Endless dimension options and the borders make it trip free.


New YorkCity, NY

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I absolutely love this product, it is sturdy, yet soft enough to do exercise directly on my mat. I used to have a cheaply made version of this mat that I got at a hardware store, and when I would put any of my lifting equipment on it, the pieces would break apart from one another and tear under the weight. My 'fitness' room is all carpeted floor. This product has just enough give to bend and not break due to the unevenness of the carpet, yet strong enough to keep my equipment elevated and level.


Canton, OH