Customer Reviews for: Cheerleading Mats 6x42 ft x 2 Inch Poly Flexible Roll

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The product was received as ordered and we are pleased with the quality. The time from order placement to deliver was several weeks longer than quoted so that was a little difficult and the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.


Erlanger, KY

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Love our mats and great service

Tonia M

Fleetwood, PA

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Delivery was super fast!!! Customer service was great very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and gave some incite as to what kind of mats i needed for my team. The mats are perfect and my team has safe mats to practice on now!

Attn: Sandra

Riner, VA

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On the delivery day we had problems with the mats. I rolled out the mats like instructed. I found rips in them and the carpet was torn on three mats. When I called to let someone know there was no one available. The delivery guy said he was going to charge me for every 5 minutes that he was over his schedule time. I did not know what to do. I Had to leave messages. I took pictures and sent them to them company.

St Joseph High School

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We love our cheer mats from GreatMats! The service from Pam was great.


Chico, CA

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I like the feel, personally, of the mat itself under your feet. I was used to carpet on concrete, honestly, so it had that nice firm feeling, but when you hit the ground it's not like hitting the concrete. They're thick enough to be cushiony, but they're firm enough that you can do your techniques without sinking into the mat. They're very easy to clean. All you need is a vacuum, and they hold up very well. As long as you take care of them properly, they don't have a problem lasting for years. Some of the vinyl tops, you have to worry about holes getting poked in them, and in the mornings, when it's cold, they're cold. These don't have that problem.

Donny R

Acworth, GA

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Great product. Fast Shipping! Exceeded our expectations! Would recommend this company to anyone looking for mats.

Upland High School

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Pam at Greatmats was efficient and professional and friendly. Unfortunately the shipping company you used was not as good. They arrived a week early and on a Holiday. Luckily I was able to get over to the school and open it up. Our mats were furthest front on the tractor trailer and my husband had to manually push them all through the other mats. It was very difficult. We were supposed to be the last stop for the driver and we ended up being the first stop so all of the mats that should have been delievered before us were still on the trailer. Greatmats was generous to offer a $500 refund for our troubles. I appreciate that and will recommend them to anyone I know of that will needs mats. Heidi Kirkpatrick Morse High School Cheering Coach Bath, Maine

Morse High School

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So appreciative of the profissionalism of the Rep I dealt with and of the turnaround time! Would absolutely recommend to others and will be ordering again from this company very soon, and from now on. Thank you!

Jeff Hardie

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They are great. Really make for easy moving and setting up.


Union, MO

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The prices are really high but they use a great shipping company - so if anyone had a complaint regarding shipping and would like to have their products in time, use Greatmats. Shipping company: I really appreciated the driver. He was kind and helpful. He went above and beyond his job description to make sure I got my item into the building. I appreciated him very much.

Ann Arbor Adventist Elementary

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My daughter is in Rhythmic Gymnastics and needed a customizable mat for our house. None of the smaller pre-cut mats was going to work for us and our needs so we decided to get the whole roll (6x42). We were very concerned as we didnt know how difficult it would be to cut the mat ourselves (cuz Greatmats will not cut for you). But once assured by a Rep. that it wont be difficult, we crossed our fingers and ordered it!!! Delivery was very timely and easy! And to our surprise, the Mat was very very easy to cut!!!!! We used a chiseled knife ( Bread Knife) and it cut perfectly!!! GreatMats was very helpful in answering my questions and very courteous as well!!! If we need any other mats in the future, we will definitely order from them again!!!!

Sunny Chang

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The mats were damaged during delivery. They were wrapped in plastic so I couldnt tell when I receive them. There were big chunks taken out of the mats and I was told there was nothing they could do about it.

Accts Payable

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Unfortunately the mats came a different color of royal blue the second time we ordered them.

Tonia Hoover

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We have used great mats for the past 3 years and have been very happy with the whole process of purchasing our cheer mats!!

Amphitheater Public Schools

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Weve purchased from Greatmats in the past, and they will continue to receive our business. Very professional and helpful!


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Fantastic product! I am a cheerleading coach and the mats offer safety while ensuring that the cheerleaders have a place to tumble and stunt with confidence! Once the mat was ordered, it arrived in a timely fashion. We now have three mats in place for cheerleading practice! The mats offer a great practice area for the cheerleaders! You have a wonderful company, great customer service and a product, I know, that will last for years to come! Thank you!


Oakfield , NY

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Great mats, great business, great service!!! I will be back!


Berkeley, CA

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Great mats is a great place to order from because they are extremely efficient and the order and shipping was so fast. they are the. Place to go!

Jennifer Galvan

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Great quality. Helpful employees when ordering.


Mt Vernon, IL