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Customer Reviews for: Plyometric Rubber Gym Roll 3/8 Inch

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It picks up every single piece of dust. And you can't get dust footprints completely out. Product terrible. Don't buy.


Sugar Land , TX

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I bought 5 rolls of the plyometric rubber. I installed it myself to make a home gym. We put some exercise machines on top and also use it extensively for HIIT workouts. I have found the rubber to work great for this purpose. It is not too hard on the joints and has not slipped. I used carpet tape to keep it in place. It took me about 12 hours to install but came together quite well and easy for someone who does not do this work very often. It stays pretty clean but picks up some marks at times. We vacuum it once a week and that keeps it quite clean. Greatmats was terrific in counseling me about picking the right flooring to use for the purpose I described. It was delivered on a pallet. The truck was able to put it directly into my garage. Thanks.


LaVerne, CA

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Love, love, love our mat! I shopped for quite some time to find the perfect mat and must of had around 30 rubber samples collected from various companies. I really wanted something squishy enough to absorb impact but also durable enough to withstand a heavyweight in spike heels. I put all the samples to the test, both barefoot and trying on different shoes then with my eyes closed stepping and hopping on each one to see how stiff they were. Then i also put them through the puncture test using high heals and our chairs with the most pointed legs. If they were squishy enough then when i raised my high heel, the sample would be stuck to the heel with a divet in it instead of on the floor where a ''durable'' mat should be. It seemed that if they were in our price range then they weren't what i would consider ''impact absorbing'' AND durable. Well then I tried the Plyometric Roll from Greatmats. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This mat is so durable I would do jumping jacks on it in heels and not worry for a second. At the same time it is the most impact absorbing mat I've ever worked out on, yet somehow still stiff enough to give you great takeoff when doing those plyometric jumps. The salesperson i worked with Jim Schott was extremely helpful and completely honest with the pros and cons for each Greatmat i had contemplated. He definitely helped me pick the perfect one for what my family needed!!!! Five years ago i was doing Insanity on a wooden floor with a thick yoga mat and my knees hurt daily. I fell off the wagon and gained 20 pounds. Today I'm 43 years old and 20 pounds heavier but now I can do insanity and even P90X Plyometric workouts and walk away with no knee pain whatsoever!!! Thank you Jim Schott & Greatmats!!! P.S. I wanted an economical and durable border to go around it so if we happened to step on the edge barefoot it wouldn't kill our insteps. After walking around all of our local hardware stores we came up with the idea of vinyl wallbase. I ordered a roll of it on Amazon and using a utility knife and double sided carpet tape to stick the wall base onto the rubber in the laid down position . . . vuala!! It would be like the base was stuck on the wall and sort of tipped over and fell onto the mat. The edge curves over the side of the mat and barely touches the floor. Our mat is two nine foot sections of the 3/8 inch 4 foot roll giving our family the perfect 8' x 9' area for working out, playing Xbox, or practicing taekwondo!! One note, when you tape the two sections of rubber roll together don't take the protective sheet off the bottom of the tape, just put the sticky on the side going towards the mats. I've had three of us on this mat doing Billy Blanks tae bo advanced workout and it doesn't budge. To clean it i just vacuum and then graze over it with a very lightly dampened mop. Wish I'd bought it years and saved my knees all the previous pain. The thought of working out anywhere but home, without my mat bums me out! 100% Satisfied customer!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elkhart, IN

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Think there excellent for plyometrics training jumping back and forth. Thought I would need double sided tape to hold it down but it's heavy enough to not even move. Lovin it.


Schuylkill Haven, PA

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Very nice. It moves slightly when performing sprawls, and plyo moves. But you can wedge a rubber mat or wood slat to prevent the movement. You can also see dirty footprints. Might need a mat to wipe shoes . It works well. Smells a little at first. Is a little slippery when you step in your sweat. I would recommend this for workout flooring. It seems to be holding up well. Thank you.


Portland, OR

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Great Product. Easy to install.

Edward D.

Battle Creek, MI

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Great product and fairly easy installation!

M Monica

Indianapolis, IN

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I am very happy with this product. I used it as a sub-floor for a ballet studio, and it feels great! It gives some cushion for jumps, yet it is firm enough for point work.


Andover, MA

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Very easy to deal with. Timing estimates were on the money! Highly recommend Greatmats.

Ameri First Floors

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Installed easily and looks great. Everyone who has exercised on the plyometric flooring has loved it.

Mark D

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Hi Paul - just wanted you to know that the mats I purchased from Greatmats for my new facility are wonderful. They are much more comfortable than the mats I previously had and because they are in a roll, they don't walk everywhere. I have attached a photo of the fitness room I used them in. Just curious as to the best way to clean them. Now I am vacuuming them then spot cleaning the footprints and sweat off. Can I do a more extensive clean? Can/should I use a cleaner on them? Can I mop them? Thanks for the info - Tina Wendel, owner Profile Fitness


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Great product! The plyo flooring is soft enought o do floor exercises and is a better product that other higher priced options in the market. I love my new home gym floor.


Lakewood, CO

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the mat is great and the feel is just the right bounce. some variation in color between rolls, but still was a great fit for our rec room


New London, IA

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Quick delivery, easy install. thanks for making it so easy.


Kokomo, IN

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The floor works much better than the last one we had. We had to put down a wax to make it not so sticky but seems to be working well. We are very pleased with this one. Thanks for your patience with us.

Kevin J

Montrose, CO