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Outdoor Rubber Tile for Decks and Rooftop Flooring

Outdoor rubber tiles can transform a hard, unforgiving surface into a comfortable area ideal for entertaining guests. These products are available in both mat and tile forms. Customers can select from outdoor interlocking rubber tiles with puzzle edges or straight edges.

Use rubber tiles outdoor individual pieces over concrete patios, wooden outdoor decks, terraces, or similar hard surfaces. The modular nature of our tiles makes them ideal for covering spaces of all sizes and shapes. They will stay in place and look great for a variety of applications. 

Our outdoor rubber tiles playground products consist of recycled rubber. This helps to keep thousands of pounds of rubber tires out of landfills each and every year. Invest in our flooring with confidence, knowing that this purchase equals an eco-friendly product for any home. 

Outdoor rubber tiles are available in numerous color options and thicknesses. Our customers can always find the perfect style to suit any needs. 

But rubber flooring outdoors products offer much more than just an attractive appearance. Rubber provides a skid resistant surface, even when it's wet, to maximize safety.

It's also a comfortable surface to walk on, as it’s easy on bare feet. Rubber is durable enough to hold lawn chairs and other outdoor furniture. It creates a more comfortable and forgiving surface than wood or concrete. 

Benefits of Outdoor Rubber Tiles

Considering the many benefits that these tiles offer, it's easy to see why they're so popular:
  1. Rubber flooring outdoors designed products can transform an unfriendly, hard space into a comfortable, welcoming space perfect for gatherings. This allows customers to make the most of yard and home spaces.
  2. Rubber is highly durable and can withstand the elements. It will survive UV damage from harsh light and extreme temperatures far better than other flooring types.
  3. Mats and tiles provide a comfortable flooring for standing and walking. They maximize traction, even when they're wet.
  4. Most outdoor rubber tiles and mats are made of recycled rubber, creating an eco-friendly flooring choice.
  5. Mats and tiles made from rubber are available in easily manageable sizes designed for quick and hassle-free installation.
  6. If a tile becomes damaged or worn, replace just that tile, rather than replacing the entire floor.

We've outlined some of our most popular flooring product choices manufactured from rubber. 

Our outdoor rubber tiles designed for patio deck flooring spaces are an economical and practical way to expand any outdoor surface living space. It works to rebuild or resurface any patio deck flooring surface.

Our patio pavers and playground design products make a comfortable, slip resistant, and weather resistant surface. People can enjoy this surface year around.

These flooring option choices create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing finish. They're easy to install too. Both options are conveniently sized for easy transportation and minimal wasted product. 

Outdoor Rubber Rooftop Flooring

Rubber outdoor tiles are a great way to maximize use of a roof space. They're a popular option in urban areas. They allow utilization of living areas without the need to build onto or move from an existing dwelling. 

These tiles are designed to allow for drainage. Some tiles even feature channels in the base to accommodate electrical wiring. Rubber is well equipped for outdoor uses. It is resistant to heat, ozone, and extreme weather.

Rubber pavers on grass or on a firm surface can last 30 to 50 years and beyond. Invest in this style of outdoor areas flooring confidently.

These rubber pavers on grass are not susceptible to UV light, wind, or hail damage. They do not freeze or crack and are non-absorbent. They will not form mold or mildew. This all amounts to a long lasting roof surface that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Some rooftop mats feature a pin or clip connection design that makes installation a simple process. This is a similar installation system to our deck top tiles.

People living in apartments or temporary situations with plans to relocate can simply bring the rubber outdoor tiles with them when they move. Our outdoor rubber mat products and tiles are not glued down. They’re perfect as rubber garden tiles to relocate to new gardens.

Our rubber roof tiles are thicker and heavier than our outdoor rubber deck tiles. This means that they can lie atop a fragile roof membrane without adhesive. With this affordable and durable flooring, convert any seldom used roof area into a comfortable outdoor retreat. 

Some of these outdoor mats are specifically built to provide fall height protection for playground areas. Or use them in any area where children may take a tumble.

The fall safe height measurement required is determined by measuring the distance from the highest standing platform in the area to the ground. We carry tiles that can accommodate falls from between 2 and 10 feet. 

Our playground flooring is perfect for areas where children will be playing on equipment. These rubber mat designs provide a consistently safe landing area outside. This is a benefit over wood chips or sand that can shift as kids play.

They also protect children from foreign objects or debris that can sometimes hide in loose fill. Loose types of fill can be tracked out of an area, eventually creating a need for it to be replenished. However, rubber outdoor flooring and interlocking tiles will not move. 

Our BlueSky Interlocking Playground Tiles make a popular flooring option for outdoor use. We offer these durable tiles in a variety of color options.

These outdoor interlocking rubber tiles have a connection system, so they’re easy to install. Our slip resistant outdoor rubber tiles for patio installations are approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This rubber outdoor flooring also includes the option of ADA compliant ramps.

BlueSky Interlocking Playground tiles have a 6 foot fall rating from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These outdoor rubber mats are rated for any climate. They are mold, mildew, and UV resistant to ensure top performance with minimal maintenance. 

Consider using rubber and interlocking tiles and mats for areas underneath swing sets or slides. These areas are subject to erosion of turf or soil. Our mats protect these areas from ruts and other damage. 

Our rubber Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles work well for those who prefer a brick look. But these dog bones tiles have a more forgiving floor surface than traditional brick.

This rubber tile flooring offers unique design possibilities for outdoor spaces in the form of a 1.75 inch thick tile shaped like a bone. Our rubber garden tiles create a cushioned area anywhere.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring Installation

Nearly all of our outdoor rubber playground pavers must lay directly atop concrete or a similar flat, hard surface.

The exception is our Ergo Matta Perforated Tile. It can be laid directly on dirt, grass, or some forms of crushed stone. 

There is no need to seal or otherwise coat these tiles. 

Most Greatmats products are made in America. Our products are delivered at a greater value than outdoor rubber tiles Lowes sells or that a local store offers.

Our tiles all ship via freight delivery. Please contact a sales representative to learn more about freight deliveries. Please review our shipping disclaimer. We often will ship your tiles even more quickly than a local store can stock them.

Our rubber products are easy to clean with a broom and a garden hose. No special solvents or cleaners are necessary. Pressure washers and some chemicals can damage the tiles, so we recommend not using them with these products. 

Rubber tiles outdoor products can be easily replaced, making them ideal for high traffic areas like playgrounds. If a section of the floor tiles becomes damaged, simply pop out the damaged mat or tile. Then replace it without having to replace the entire flooring surface. 

Other popular surface types for outdoor areas, such as poured-in-place rubber, are almost permanent fixtures. This makes them difficult to repair or replace. Meanwhile, rubber crumb playground flooring is easily displaced and often needs to be refilled.

Our outdoor rubber tiles fix all of these issues with a durable product that stays in place and also delivers a great value.