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Our heavy-duty padding is designed to maximize a person's safety, while still being durable enough so that the padding will hold up during multiple uses. Here you'll find a variety of wall padding for sensory rooms, ensuring you have everything you need to create a safe seclusion room in a school or dentist office or a health clinic. Safe rooms should use wood backed lip top and bottom pads which are securely fastened to the walls so they cannot be removed. They can also be fitted with custom sized floor mats for floor protection, and custom sewn pads attached with grommets for doors.

Benefits of Seclusion Room Padding

  1. Excellent shock absorption to help prevent serious injuries
  2. Variety of padding can be used for everything from walls to corners to floors, maximizing the safety of your entire room
  3. Easy installation methods mean you can handle the installation without professional assistance
  4. Padding designed with easy cleaning and maintenance allows you to keep the room healthy and clean

What to Look For In Your Seclusion Room Wall Padding
  1. Safety: Quality seclusion room wall padding needs to offer plenty of shock absorption in order to help prevent serious injury. You may also want to consider our products which offer no-burn surfaces in order to prevent friction burns.
  2. Durability: Your sensory room wall padding needs to be designed with excellent durability in mind
  3. Ease of Installation: You will need to be able to securely install your padding so that it cannot be removed or pulled up
  4. Low Maintenance: Look for safety padding that is non-absorbent and which can easily be cleaned to help save you time and to ensure a healthy environment
  5. Custom Options: Whether it's finding wall padding to fit around a window or ordering a pad to fit on a door, custom options are important when you're maximizing the safety of your seclusion room

We've outlined a number of our most popular seclusion room padding options below to help you get started.

Safe Room Wall Padding

Greatmats gym wall pads and padding offer the best solutions for sensory room wall padding. These pads are designed specifically to endure punishing athletic environments, where people are exerting enormous amount of energy and force. Our wall pads can even be custom fit to your safe room to cover virtually any wall surface.

Our gym pads create a low-maintenance and safe seclusion room wall padding option. They feature a 2-inch polyurethane foam core, and are available with ASTM impact rated foam padding. The padding cover is crafted from 16 ounce phthalate free vinyl, and the covers are treated to be both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to ensure a healthy environment. The vinyl cover is puncture and tear-resistant, and these pads are backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Our wall padding ships with all of the hardware that you need for installation, and you're able to choose from two different installation methods.
  1. Lip: Lip top and bottom pads feature a 1-inch lip at the top and bottom of each pad. This lip allows you to directly screw the pads onto the wall, or to use a 1-by-1-inch furring strip that is first attached to the wall, then attached to the pad.
  2. Z-Clip: Z-Clip installation utilizes a channel connection method. One channel is connected to the pad, and a receiving channel is connected to the wall. The Z-Clips are attached to the back of the pads. The Z-Clips are shipped with the pads, and screws for attachment are included. The Z-Clips are pre-cut to length, and the panels are pre-drilled to receive the screws, minimizing the amount of work that you need to do during installation.

You may also want to consider folding gym mats for your safe room. These are some of the most versatile forms of padding for high-impact areas such as personal safety rooms and martial arts facilities. They offer up to 2 inches of impact absorbing padding and can be used on walls, floors, or anywhere you need a padded safety surface. These mats, however, are much harder to customize as they come in 4 or 5 foot widths and feature 2-foot wide panels, allowing for lengths in two foot increments. They may be an ideal lower-cost solution for solid walls, whereas our gym mats with more customization options may be used for doors and walls featuring windows.

Ledges and corners can be particularly dangerous, but our stage mats offer a great seclusion room solution. The L-shaped 90-degree pads are custom made and constructed with 1 1/4 inch high density foam to provide plenty of padding. The leather embossed 14-ounce vinyl covering is Class A Flame Retardant, and the padding meets all emissions criteria for Greenguard Children and Schools Certification. These mats are highly durable and are both abrasion and mildew resistant.

Stage mats are available with both grommet and hook and loop attachments, so you can choose the option best for your intended installation method.

Safe Room Padded Flooring

Don't forget to include padded flooring with your seclusion room safety padding. Puzzle tiles are an excellent choice, since they are soft and forgiving, as well as easy to install. These tiles contribute to a soft, cushioned floor that can keep your loved ones or patients safe in the case of a panic attack, seizure, or other activity in which they may harm themselves.

Our Pro Martial Arts Mats are a durable yet forgiving flooring surface perfect for a seclusion room. Made of lead and latex free EVA foam, these mats are shoe and boot resistant, and feature a scuff resistant thatch texture. These floor mats are non-moisture absorbent, making for easy cleanup.

Installing these mats is simple; just interlock them like puzzle pieces and you're ready to go. The mats are reversible, so you can get maximum use out of them. If a mat becomes damaged, you can replace that one mat, rather than replacing the entire floor.

Our Grappling MMA Mats are another excellent choice if you're looking to maximize safety. These mats feature a 4-foot ASTM fall height rating, and are equipped with a no-burn tatami top texture which prevents friction burns on skin.

These grappling mats are lead and latex free, as well as waterproof and non absorbent for easy cleanup. Installation is fast and easy. There's no adhesive required, and each tile includes 4 border strips which allow for a clean island installation if you choose. These mats are reversible, so you can get plenty of use out of them. They are backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

We are proud to offer a large selection of seclusion room safety padding suitable for a variety of purposes. As you prepare to order your padding, please give our flooring experts a call. We would be happy to provide you with product samples, detailed shipping information, and to even advise you on which product may be the best fit for your project.