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Industrial Settings ESD Controlled Clean Room Floor Mats

Mats for clean rooms, ESD static dissipative Desco matting, Vinyl clean room mats, Rubber mats for clean rooms

Potential Uses for Clean Room Matting

Clean room matting is appropriate for a number of applications, including:

  1. Cleanrooms
  2. Medical facilities
  3. Food processing facilities
  4. Hospitals
  5. Laboratories
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Operating rooms
  8. And more

For computer manufacturing facilities, or other facilities working with equipment sensitive to static discharge, consider our ESD clean room matting.

How to Choose The Right Size Mat

Clean room mats need to be appropriately sized in order to be effective. The ideal mat size for your situation will depend on the width of the doorway that you are working with.

When choosing an appropriate mat size, keep the following guidance in mind.

  1. Traffic generally passes through the middle of a doorway, so your mat doesn't necessarily need to be as wide as the doorway.
  2. If people enter the door from a sharp angle, you may need a wider mat to account for the larger area coverage.
  3. Appropriate mat length is essential. Look for a mat that allows each foot to land on the mat at least twice for the best results.

How to Correctly Place Clean Room Mats

Clean room mats are only effective if they are appropriately and strategically placed within your facility. You will want to place the mats in a clean area on hard flooring.

Place your mats for clean rooms just before and/or after the entry/exit point for each room. The mats need to be located in a way that anyone who passes into the room must step onto the mat. Positioning the clean room mat in front of a doorway is the best way to do this.

When you orient the mat, do so so that the longer edge of the mat follows the flow of traffic. This encourages people to step on the mat multiple times. Ideally, each foot should step onto the mat at least twice for the best results.

When to Change Your Cleanroom Floor Mats

Contamination control mats need to be changed regularly in order for them to be effective, but the exact schedule that you adhere to will depend on a number of different factors. Consider the following:

  1. How dirty is the area that is funneling into the cleaner space? (Mats closer to an outdoor space or other highly dirty area will need to be changed more frequently than mats in cleaner spaces.)
  2. How much traffic do the mats see? Consider how many people are scheduled for each shift, and how frequently they pass into and out of the rooms.
  3. How large are the mats, and how many mats are located in a series? Larger mats, or those mats that are positioned in a series, will not need to be changed as frequently.

Depending on the location, the foot traffic, and how dirty the exterior area is, you may need to change your mats every 1/2 hour, every 4 hours, or longer. Don't forget that your mats can also provide a visual reference of how dirty they are, and how frequently a mat layer change may be needed.

How to Install Mats for Clean Rooms

  1. Start by identifying an appropriate clean mat location.
  2. Thoroughly clean the floor surface to remove any debris that may interfere with the mat's adhesion to the floor. Be sure that the floor is completely dry before you install the mat.
  3. Remove half of the mat's backing, exposing the adhesive back.
  4. Align the mat to its desired position, and start to smooth out the mat by working from one edge into the mat's center. Make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped between the mat and the floor.
  5. Remove the rest of the mat's backing, and continue smoothing out the mat.

We've outlined a number of our ESD clean room matting options below.

Statfree B2 Roll

When it comes to ESD clean room matting, there is no surpassing the Statfree B2 Roll. ESD clean room matting helps to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to ESD sensitive components. This matting both creates a worksurface area that limits the generation of static electricity, and helps to remove the charge from conductive objects that are placed on the worksurface.

Intended for use in industrial settings and computer rooms, these static dissipative Desco mats feature three layers for a dependable performance:

  1. Heat fused thermoplastic 2-layer vinyl: This vinyl layer provides a reliable path to the ground, which eliminates the generation of static charge.
  2. Dissipative top color layer: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, electricals will not drift for the life of the mat.
  3. Conductive bottom black layer: This layer reduces the resistance to the ground. Electricals will not drift for the life of the mat.

Additionally, this mat has been treated with a Lo-Char flame retardant additive, meeting the minimum standards for NFPA fire and smoke safety.

Measuring 50x2.5 feet, this generously sized roll is an excellent addition to any workplace. The mat is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Please be sure to review the installation instructions for specific details on how to properly install and ground this ESD clean room matting.

Use the Statfree B2 Roll as:

  1. A worksurface table mat
  2. A shelf liner
  3. A cart liner

Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mat

Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mats are designed for use in cleanrooms, medical facilities, food processing environments, and more. These mats feature thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film which is effective in removing dirt, contaminants, and particulates. These mats pull particulates from both shoes and wheeled equipment, helping to keep designated clean areas from becoming contaminated. And while the adhesive is strong and effective, it is also resistant to adhesive transfer, so the adhesive stays on the mat where it belongs.

These mats for clean rooms are easy to use. Each mat has 30 peel-off sheets; when one sheet is dirty, you can peel it off to expose the next sheet. Because the sheets are numbered, you always know how many sheets are left on each mat, so you never risk running out.

This clean mat is available in two different sizes - 18x36 inches, or 26x45 inches, so you can choose the size that is best for your needs. For larger spaces, consider placing multiple mats side by side.

Use Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mats for:

  1. Clean rooms
  2. Pharmaceutical facilities
  3. Microelectronic areas
  4. Medical facilities
  5. Food processing facilities


TackyMat is a great choice for labs and medical facilities, thanks to its anti-microbial surface. Not only does this mat effectively pull particles from shoes and wheeled vehicles, but it also contributes to the overall safety of the space. This mat offers anti-slip traction ideal for high-traffic areas, and is designed to both attract and contain dust and dirt.

TackyMat comes with 30 disposable sheets per mat. When a sheet is contaminated, just pull off the top sheet to expose the next sheet.

Choose from four different sizes - 18x36 inches, 18x46 inches, 24x36 inches, or 36x46 inches. The generously sized 36x46 inches is an excellent option for larger spaces, but remember that you can also line up multiple mats together if you need a customized size or larger dimensions.

Use TackyMat for:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Laboratories
  3. Manufacturing areas
  4. Operating rooms
  5. Medical facilities

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