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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You

Rubberized Flooring, Gym Noise and Vibration Reduction, ShokLok Tiles

Rubberized Flooring installation

Home Gym Flooring as Rubberized Flooring ShokLok Tiles

Designed to help make strength and fitness training safe for you and your home, ShokLok help you build muscle, burn fat, and tone your body in a gym you've designed yourself.

ShokLok Rubberized Flooring

When you want comfort, durability, and easy installation, you want Greatmats ShokLok rubberized flooring gym tiles. It takes just one person to install the home gym of your dreams. With a simple puzzle style interlocking system, the conveniently-sized gym floor noise reduction 2x2 foot tiles lay down quickly and hold together under the most intense workouts.

ShokLok tiles are built with quality material and craftsmanship and feature with a 5 year warranty.

Now you can have a high performance rubberized flooring that reduces noise and vibration while protecting your body and gym floor. And you can install it yourself. Get the home gym floor that is built to last from a company that works for you. Check out Greatmats ShokLok flooring kits or create one of your own. You can change how you look, how you feel, and where you train with a home gym equipped with rubberized flooring ShokLok tiles.
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