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Plyometric Rubber Exercise Mats with Bodybuilder Terra Mitzel

Date Published: 02-07 - 2020

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Hi Guys! My name is Terra Mitzel. Being physically fit is something that has been very important to me all throughout my life - starting in middle and high school playing sports, like basketball and running cross country.
Now that I've gotten older, I've picked up a hobby of bodybuilding. So I've been hitting the gym 6-7 days a week - doing cardio, lifting heavy weights and really working on building that muscle and keeping a lean physique for stage.
When I was on the plyometric rubber mat, the first thing that really stood out to me was how much grip it had, and how much I could do, and the agility and movements I could make and feels safe when on there.
It did have a little cushion for me. So that when I'm squatting I know I can feel that protection with my heels. When I'm doing lunges - again feel that protection.
If my knee was to touch the ground if I'm dipping low, I have that. That's very important to me as well as if I need to do a super set and jump right into a crunch, it's soft enough that I wouldn't need to pull out a mat to do something like that.

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