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Home Gym Flooring Testimonial - UltraTile Rubber Tiles

By Brett Hart Created: May, 2017 - Modified: March, 2023

When it comes to protecting his basement floor, Fred of Columbus, Ohio, isn't about to take any chances.

After purchasing an extensive set of weightlifting equipment, previously used for bodybuilding, from neighbors, this 65-year-old recreational weightlifter has friends over to lift with him weekly and wanted to be sure his 8-inch thick solid concrete basement floor was protected against any accidents.

''Usually, I over engineer things,'' he said. ''I wanted something that was real heavyweight so that if there was an accident, the concrete wouldn't get damaged.''

Greatmats Home Gym Flooring

Having seen some heavy duty rubber gym flooring tiles in a weight room at a nearby apartment complex, Fred inquired about the gym flooring and was referred to to take a look at its UltraTile Rubber Weight Floors.

The 1 inch thick, 2x2 foot tiles were just what he was looking for. The gym flooring tiles were thick enough to make Fred comfortable that his floor would not be damaged by falling weights, and connect firmly together with pin connectors that ensure the 20x40 foot section of flooring will stay in place in his home gym.

Although the gym flooring is designed to handle the impact of falling weights, in the spirit of over engineering, Fred decided to put a double layer in his 10x12 foot powerlifting area.

The rubber tiles were also easy enough to install himself, and with 220 tiles at 16 pounds per tile, he said, ''It's a workout putting them together. It took me about 24 hours over six days.''

''If you're doing it yourself, it takes a while,'' Fred said. ''I would pound for a little while and carry after I finished putting dowels in. That would give me a little rest in between.''

A resourceful installer, Fred decided to forgo the 2-3 pound sledge hammer and 2x4 tapping block to put the connector pins in place and put on a pair of heavy steel toe work boots to kick set the dowels.

''There's always one side (where) you have to get down and match the holes,'' Fred said. ''I was kicking them together instead of pounding. It kind of jars your body a little bit, but it was easier for me than pounding with a 2 pound hammer. I'm not a youngster, but I still was able to do it. I figured I saved a couple thousand dollars installing myself. It just took me a little time.''

He was also able to cut the gym flooring tiles successfully to go around the four brace poles in his basement.

Now that the flooring is in place, Fred is happy with how it's worked out for him.

''I use it once or twice a week,'' he said. ''Whenever other guys come over to work out, it reminds me to get out of the office and get down there. ... Everybody likes the floor. It's a nice product. ... We've only had one accident. The weights hit the floor and rolled off onto the concrete, and that seemed to make it so it didn't hurt anything.''

Fred also used UltraTile Reducer in the Gray color fleck color to create a transition to the concrete floor.

Note: The UltraTiles no longer require dowels to install. They now install using Quad Blok connectors, making install even easier!
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