What Is The Purpose Of Rubber Flooring Transition Strips?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: February, 2022 - Modified: August, 2023

Rubber flooring transition strips are used in a home or business to create a safe gradation on which to move from one surface to another.

Rubber flooring transition strips come in different forms - from flexible to hard and actual strips to ramps. There are traditional colors like grey and black, as well as other colors. An extra wide strip is often used to fill in a gap between two different flooring surfaces, for example, carpet to vinyl laminate or wood. A ramp is often used to offer an ADA transition on a commercial grade floor or just to reduce tripping hazards when different types of floors have different heights.

Most of our transition strips or reducers are made for specific products. If you have any questions about which reducers to use for the flooring you are looking at buying, give our customer service team a call.

Really Fabulous Rubber Flooring Transition Strips

  1. UltraTile Rubber Weight Reducer 4 ft - Black
  2. Sterling ADA Ramp 2.00 Inch Black
  3. Sterling ADA Ramp 1.25 Inch Black

UltraTile Rubber Weight ReducerThe 4 foot black UltraTile Rubber Weight Reducer is one of the rubber flooring transition strips that provides a safe, ramped edge. Made in the USA, these transition strips are suitable for non-ADA required applications. They are designed to make the transition between spaces easier.

When used as a finished edge to UltraTile Rubber Weight Tiles and similar products, these black access ramps provide a safe, ramped transition from the tile to the floor. Each ramp is 1 inch high, 4 inches wide, and 48 inches long. Each one is priced at about $32.

Sterling ADA Ramp 2 Inch BlackThe Sterling ADA Ramp 2 Inch Black is an ADA ramp specifically made for use with the Sterling 2 Inch Roof Top Tile and Athletic Sound Tile. It’s part of the heavy duty, professional outdoor flooring line and is made using high quality manufacturing processes and materials.

These rubber flooring transition strips are very easy to install with their interlocking edges, clean, and maintain. This 2 inch ADA ramp will come with two side transition pieces which make downward sloping wings to deliver safety features and easy access.

To clean this product, damp mop it with hot water and a neutral pH cleaner, such as Taski Profi. For exterior use, simply hose it off. Each of these transition ramps is priced at roughly $260.

Sterling ADA Ramp 1.25 Inch BlackThe Sterling ADA Ramp 1.25 Inch Black offers a high-end alternative to cheaper rubber flooring transition strips. It’s suitable for weight rooms, gym rooms, and professional sports facilities, and it’s literally perfect for the Sterling 1.25 Inch Tile product.

This high end, professional quality ramp for indoor and outdoor use can be used as an edging to complete a rubber floor tile installation. It comes with two side transition pieces to make the downward sloping wings for super easy access on and off a Sterling floor.

This top notch product has a Shore A 60 material hardness. Each one is 1.33 feet wide by 4 feet long, offering 5.30 square feet per strip. They also weigh around 18 pounds each. They have a smooth, flat finish and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Each one is priced at about $165.

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