Taekwondo training mats - Pro Martial Arts 20 mm flooring

Greatmats Pro Martial Arts 20 mm puzzle mats provide essential features necessary for taekwondo training such as stability for balance, cushion for landings, a scuff resistant surface for shoes and controlled slip texture. These professional quality puzzle mats are ideal for stand-up striking arts where jumps and spins will take place. Greatmats 20 mm taekwondo puzzle mats are also popular for tournament venues for hyeongs, katas, sparring and more.

You'll find Greatmats taekwondo training mats all around the United States at dojangs and tournament venue as well has home dojos. The best taekwondo puzzle mats available, this flooring system passes the test of time. They won't separate under normal use, but can be disassemble in a flash when desired. The mats pack up and stack up neatly for portable settings and will hold up to daily usage in permanent installations.

If your dojang is prone to water damage, this is the perfect solution, because the closed cell EVA foam construction will not absorb moisture, so they won't become damaged should water leak into your academy or spill on your floor. Should any moisture get under your taekwondo training floor, simply lift the tiles, dry them and the subfloor and re-lay the mats. It doesn't get any easier.
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