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Martial Arts Inspiring Story - John Mirrione - Harmony By Karate

By Created: July, 2017 - Modified: April, 2018

Founded by Sensei John P. Mirrione, Harmony By Karate premiered as the martial art of the world-famous Reebok Sports Club NY for 20 years and is rated in the top 10 schools in the US by

Harmony By Karate's method integrates the meditation and flexibility of yoga, the deep breathing and flow of Wei Kuen Do into the striking/grappling skills of karate to evolve mind, body and spirit for life. The attitude is one of learning, personal growth, mutual respect, understanding and tolerance of the views and ideas of others.

build self confidence with the physical skills of the martial arts as well as reaching their highest spiritual enlightenment.

Harmony Power Foundation is the charity arm of Harmony By Karate. Established through generous pro bono work from representatives of AIG and Verizon, its mission is to stand up to bullying and stand for human equality. Children are taught to take a stand against hatred, intolerance, violence and bullying in a positive way.

Sensei John Mirrione has dedicated his life work to empowering children as well as adults. One of the ways is by reaching out to schools across the country. He would love to speak to the children in your school. His own experience as a bullied child will render hope to the many children dealing with these very same issues.

Sensei John says: The root of bullying comes from the lack of self-belief. It is critical for children to move their bodies, eat healthy, and do activities that foster a deeper self-belief.

Sensei John has set numerous world records doing push-ups. When he does his lecture, he demonstrates a unique one-arm, one-legged push-up on a stone block to teach children that anything is possible when they choose to believe in themselves.

Sensei John's philosophy of Harmony Power has spread throughout the United States and has traveled to 17 cities appearing on numerous media networks. New Jersey Bill A4422 is a Harmony Power Awards system that was submitted in May through Sensei John's Harmony Power Foundation and the guidance of Assemblywoman Sumter that will impact millions of children in New Jersey. This is one example of Sensei John's mission to empower and impact children in the world in the most profound way!

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John P. Mirrione
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