Martial Arts Inspiring Story - Samer Hanini - American Falls Taekwondo

By Created: July, 2017 - Modified: November, 2017

My story starts back in 2012 when I rented a small spot inside a gym in town for I had almost 22 kids for Taekwondo summer camp.

Kids were very motivated and most of them were actually bullied at school, after I was done with the summer camp, lots of parents came up to me and shook hands with me and urged me to open up a dojo here in town cause there is nothing here in town for kids.

I felt so bad about it, and I thought deeply about doing it, but the problem in my way was my current job. I can't leave my job. I am the provider of my family, and I needed the money. When my company shut down, I took this chance, and I opened my dojo for my town. I started with 4 kids, and now I have 53 students.

I am so happy teaching this town self defense and teaching kids respect and self esteem. In my town there is a lot of school bullying, and I am trying my best to stop it.

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Samer Hanini
American Falls Taekwondo
American Falls ID 83211
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