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Martial Arts Inspiring Story - Ryan Condron - Grand Strand BJJ

By Created: July, 2017 - Modified: April, 2018

I'm writing today to share my story of how Martial Arts, specifically .

As an athlete my whole life, I never knew many physical boundaries. After college, my life took a different turn. I became depressed and angry. Instead of self-medicating with the gym or with sports, I found myself eating and playing video games.

Fast forward 6 years and I'm now, sloppy, lazy and 150lbs heavier than I had ever been. I was fat, I felt worthless.

I decided I needed a change and joined a BJJ gym and started training, it was hard, very hard. I ended up tearing my MCL 3 months in and walked away from the sport.

Something I didn't expect to happen, happened. BJJ was embedded in my brain, like worms, it was all I could do not to think about it.

4 years later, I was healed, running daily and had moved 700 miles away. I joined an MMA gym, so I could start BJJ again. 2 years later I had lost 130lbs, I left my corporate job to pursue a career as a personal trainer to give back to others what BJJ and fitness had given me.

I'm now competing in BJJ tournaments and doing well. Life is good, Jiu-Jitsu is life.

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Ryan Condron
Gym-Fitness Edge MMA/Grand Strand BJJ
Conway SC 29526