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Martial Arts Inspiring Story - Gil Rosales - Veneration BJJ

By Created: July, 2017 - Modified: November, 2019

Our is the best. Not only because he cares about his students but what he does off the mats as well.

He donates food for the animals at the shelter. He does a ruck sack hike for Fallen soldiers. He has spared his time for others in need.

This man gives so much back to others and never thinks of himself. We just moved to our new facility and it's better then our old place.

When we were at our old gym it would get flooded during rain storms. Our mats would get soaked so bad. He would be at the gym drying them off all night just so that we would have class the next day.

He has helped families get through some rough times. He does a run that he started down at the lake and runs with a POW flag.

You can ask anyone about this man and everyone will tell you that he is not selfish and always thinking of others before himself.

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Gil Rosales
Veneration BJJ
Kenosha WI 543142