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Josh Mancuso - Becoming BJJ

By Brett Hart Created: September, 2017 - Modified: October, 2022

Sept. 26, 2017 -- ''I've been doing this so long and frequently that I am BJJ,'' Louisiana BJJ black belt Josh Mancuso says. ''I can't imagine not training.''

In addition to being a first degree black belt in BJJ, Mancuso also holds a brown belt in judo, owns the academy JM Modern Jiu Jitsu, works in outside sales for a large corporation and coaches his athletes in competition. At the recent Greatmats-sponsored American Grappling Federation New Orleans BJJ Championships, Mancuso led 35 competitors from Soul Fighters Louisiana to a overall team title. Two-hundred nine points separated his squad from the runner up team in a field in which nearly 60 teams recorded points.

Motivated by the satisfaction of seeing his students and himself improve, Mancuso said, ''I've got a bunch of medals - all special in their own way. However, the life lessons, growth and friendships I've gained through the sport are by far my largest accomplishments.''

As a coach, Mancuso enjoys taking his athletes to AGF events.

''Their customer service is what sets them apart from all other organizations,'' Manucso said.

With some background in wrestling, boxing and MMA, Mancuso now trains under Bruno Tanque Mendes and Rafael Formiga Barbosa, and his 14-year-old daughter has also joined in the training process.

''The fact that you can't fake it,'' is Mancuso's favorite part of BJJ. ''The mats always speak the truth. In many hobbies, you can buy yourself to the top - not this.''

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