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How to do a Side Kick: Part 6 of Greatmats Karate Training Series

Karate Master David Younglove on Greatmats Martial Arts Flooring

By David Younglove

Let's go over the and how to chamber the leg to maximize power using physics on our behalf.

Start with your feet together to help with balance and your guard hands off to the side.

This is a very powerful kick designed to stop an opponent who is coming at you. So you want to develop the maximum power towards an opponent.

Think about striking just with the heel of the foot. To help with that you'll want to pick your toes up as high as you can.

Pick your front leg directly up and pivot so your back foot is facing away from your target and your kicking leg is breaking the plane of the hip. Extend your kicking leg with a quick lock out and pull it back to break the plane of the hip again and set it back down in the original position.

A traditional Korean style kick was very difficult execute in close proximity to your opponent. With this newer pivoting and chambering you can still stop the momentum of an opponent who is almost on you.

You can generate even more power by adding some momentum with a step. You can do this by stepping your front foot forward and then crossing your back foot behind, pointing the heel towards the target. This help also turn your seat toward and kick through the target.
David Younglove
USA Karate & Platinum Yoga
Rosemount MN