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How to Choose a Stress Relief Mat for Standing

By Paige Cerulli Created: April, 2022 - Modified: April, 2022

Stress relief mats can support your comfort, and when you’re spending long periods of time on your feet, they’re a must-have. But for a mat to be effective, you need to choose the mat that’s right for how you’ll be using it.

How to Choose a Stress Relief Mat for Standing

Stress relief and anti fatigue mats feature a forgiving material with some flex to it that helps to maximize your comfort. When the material in the mat flexes and gives a bit, it prompts your muscles to stay active and helps to relieve tension and strain in your legs, feet, and body.

stress relief mat

These mats are ideal for both residential and commercial use, and they can contribute to safer, more enjoyable workplaces. By helping to reduce pain for your workers, they may be better able to focus on their jobs and work for longer periods, resulting in increased productivity.

When choosing a stress relief mat, you’ll need to consider the following factors.

Purpose - What is the purpose of the mat?

Start by thinking about the purpose that your mat is going to serve. While a standing mat serves the immediate purpose of helping to keep you comfortable and reducing pain, these mats offer several other benefits that you might want to consider.

In addition to keeping you comfortable, a mat could help to protect your subfloor. This is particularly important in areas that are used for welding; your mat can reduce pain while also protecting your floor from sparks and other potential damage.

anti fatigue mats in commercial kitchen

You could also rely on a mat to help maximize the safety of your workspace by adding traction to your floor. Rather than a smooth floor that can become hazardous when it gets wet, your workers can walk on a stress relief mat that features an aggressive tread to help prevent slips and falls.

Location/Environment - Where will this mat be located?

You’ll also need to consider where you’ll be using your stress relief mat. Consider whether you’ll be using the mat in a commercial or residential environment, and purchase a mat that’s designed for that type of use.

Soft Foot 3x5 stress relief mat

In addition, think about what the mat will be exposed to in the environment. For example, mats used in garage settings need to be able to resist oils, chemicals, and caustic agents.

Mats equipped with electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties can help to prevent damage caused by static electricity. They’re ideal for more sensitive environments, like surgical suites, laboratories, and electronics manufacturing settings.

These mats also play an important role in kitchen settings. Whether baking or cooking, traction is essential, and opting for a perforated mat helps to keep your staff up and out of any liquids that might spill for additional safety benefits.

Thickness - How thick should your mat be?

Stress relief mats vary in thickness, with thicker mats generally offering more anti fatigue relief than thinner mats. But thicker mats aren’t always the best solution.

When choosing a mat thickness, you’ll need to think about where the mat will be placed. Putting a thick mat directly in front of a swinging door can prevent that door from operating property.

thick anti fatigue mats

Thicker mats also create more of a step up. If you choose a thicker mat, then you may want to invest in ramped border pieces or a mat with beveled edges to create a smoother, more gradual transition.

Keep in mind that thicker mats tend to weigh more. This can be beneficial in terms of keeping the mat in place, but it will make it more difficult to move the mat for cleaning.

Visibility/Style - Do you want an easily visible and stylish mat?

The mat’s visibility plays an important role in its safety, especially in industrial settings. Many mats are available with eye-catching colored borders that help workers to avoid tripping.

Beveled edges also provide a smooth transition onto and off of the mats for increased safety. These beveled edges are essential in areas where rolling cart traffic will need access to the mats.

easily visible stress relief mats

In addition to these safety colored edges, mats are available in many different colors. While black is the most common, you can find many anti fatigue tiles available in all sorts of colors, including blue and red.

The style of the mat you purchase can also affect the ease of installation. Mats are available in many different styles, so think about whether you need a mat for a single workstation or want to create a larger, cohesive flooring system.

Many mats can be dry laid, and they’re available in different sizes, including custom cut lengths. Some mats can be connected together, but can still be installed without adhesive for easy removal and cleaning.

Price - How much do stress relief mats cost?

These stress relief mats vary in price, but it’s important to consider their value when choosing which option is right for you. Since these mats can help with comfort and recovery, they can make your workplace or workshop much more comfortable to work in.

You’ll be rewarded with a more enjoyable work experience, and often, the investment in stress relief mats is well worth the cost.