Home Martial Arts Flooring Impact Absorption Test Using Raw Egg

Raw Egg Bounce Test on 2x2 Puzzle Mats

Greatmats home martial arts mats offer excellent fall and impact protection. In this video you'll see the difference in how a raw egg responds to being dropped from the same height onto Greatmats 7/8-inch thick Home Sport and Play (taekwondo) mats, 1-inch thick home Karate Mats and 1 1/2-inch thick Home MMA BJJ mats.

While all three versions protect the raw egg from breakage, you'll see the thinner striking arts mats offer a little more rebound than the mats intended for ground fighting. That extra rebound helps for martial arts where a lot of jumping is involved.

With that being said, the greater the fall, the more protection the thicker mats provide. In either case, Greatmats home martial arts mats will help absorb impact from everything from jumps to falls and even slams, reducing the risk of fatigue and serious injury and allowing you to practice longer and with more intensity.

Which Martial Arts Mats Are Right For You

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