High Density Foam Mat Squares for Gym Floors

By Greatmats Staff Created: December, 2017 - Modified: March, 2023

If you are looking for a flooring solution that gives you protection, these are easy to install and provide a non slip waterproof surface that holds up under some of the heaviest home workout environments.

Gym Floor Pebble Top Tiles are made with a very dense EVA foam material that provides protection to your base flooring, easy to install with the interlocking puzzle sides, durable, waterproof and have a non slip surface texture for added protection.

Each tile will measure 2x2 ft and 3/4 inch thick with interlocking puzzle side. This allows for either a sturdy island installation or fit them wall to wall for a complete gym set up. Easily install these lightweight, durable tiles in minute and if you need to return you floor to the original flooring simply pull them up in seconds.

These versatile tiles are very commonly used in home gyms, weight rooms, fitness areas, and they work great for use as a portable horse stall mat.

Firm enough for weight equipment, this home gym flooring system also provides excellent cushion and fatigue relief for floor based bodyweight exercises and well as aerobic workouts. The surface texture features a pebble style design to prevent slipping, yet it allows for quick movements. It will even help protect your subfloor floor from accidental dropping of free weights.

If you plan to convert your basement or garage into a home gym, you've likely got a concrete floor to start with. Concrete is infamous for being cold and hard on the body. These gym floor mats can solve both problems as they are great insulators, providing a nice temperature stable surface on which to workout.