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Dog Rehabilitation Flooring - The Babinski Foundation Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: December, 2017 - Modified: October, 2023

When Don Babinski founded the Babinski Foundation in 2010, his goal was to provide a way to give animals - especially dogs and cats - a second chance at a quality life. Through funding from his property business, he was able to build his legacy and better the lives of numerous pets. In December of 2016, that effort took a huge leap forward when the Babinski Foundation erected a 26,000-square-foot building just outside of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.

Included in the new facility room is a room dedicated to the training of dogs - either as a form a rehabilitation from surgeries or basic obedience - as a way to make the animals more adoptable. It's also used as a playroom with adverse weather conditions making it less desirable for the dogs to play outside. In that training room is 1/4 inch thick rubber flooring from Greatmats.

Allison Parrott, an animal care specialist for the Babinski Foundation, often uses the training room and says, ''I've trained on linoleum floors. I've trained on wood floors and with the animals that I've worked with in the past, they're always kind of slipping and sliding. They don't always have control of themselves, but on that rubber mat it just kind of keeps them nice and stable.''

She's also been pleased with the cleaning process.

''Cleaning is super easy,'' Allison said. ''We mop in there a couple of times a week and just one easy swipe gets rid of all the mess. It's really easy to sweep as well. Even if the dogs have accidents, it's really easy to clean up with some paper towels and stuff. It doesn't leave any residue or any paper towel mess on there.''

Shelter Manager Donald Snyders, the grandson of Don Babinski, has also been pleased with the addition of rubber flooring to the room.

''It's worked out excellent for us,'' Donald said.

Donald Snyders
The Babinski Foundation
Pequot Lakes MN 56472