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The Babinski Foundation on Greatmats Rubber Flooring for Dog Training

Date Published: 12-20 - 2017

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The Babinski Foundation was founded in 2010 as a second chance facility for the dogs and cats that have had a rough life including medical issues. It pays for medical services and then sends the animals to their new forever homes.

(Allison) I am Allison and I am animal care specialist here at the Babinski Foundation.

We have the rubber flooring in the training room and we mainly use it train our animals in like obedience classes as well as training puppies to get ready up for adoption. We also use the room for rehabilitation our animals who have had surgery,

we also use it for a play area as well for animals to play if the weather outside is too crummy for them to play outside.

I’ve trained on linoleum floors. I’ve trained on wood floors and with the animals that I’ve worked with in the past, they’re always kind of slipping and sliding. They don’t always have control of themselves, but on that rubber mat it just kind of keeps them nice and stable. They don’t have to be worrying about what the floor is going to do - if the floor is going to slip out underneath them. They’re going to stay nice and stay put.

Cleaning is super easy, we mop in there a couple of times a week and just one easy swipe gets rid of all the mess. It’s really easy to sweep as well Even if the dogs have accidents, it’s really easy to clean up with some paper towels and stuff. It doesn’t leave any residue or any paper towel mess on there.

(Donald) The Babinski Foundation building was actually finished in December of 2016. We have a 26,000 square foot building here. We specialize in dogs and cats currently. In the future we’re looking at horses and whatever else.

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