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Garden Deck Tile WPC

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Deck Tiles, Wood Plastic Composite Decking Tile

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Top Features for Garden Deck Tile WPC

  1. Natural wood grain look
  2. Easy DIY snap together installation
  3. Long lasting, durable tiles
  4. Will not rot, splinter, warp or split
  5. UV / Color stabilized
  6. Textured surface for added traction and slip resistance
  7. Water, mold and damage resistant
  8. Raised tile for drainage and moisture ventilation
Use Types

Patios, Decks, Hotel Terraces, Boardwalks, Balconies, Leisure Centers, Theme Parks, Pool Decking, Public Areas, Roof Gardens,

Outdoor Deck Tiles, WPC Tiles for Decks, Snap Modular Outdoor Tiles

When you'd like to have a product that resembles real hardwood on your deck without the maintenance hassles of wood, our product will give you the look you want... without the maintenance work.

Our roof garden boardwalk tiling pieces are made with a material known as WPC, or wood plastic composite, which is an extremely durable material designed to be resistant to weather and damage. You don't have to spend time staining and sanding these patio decking tiles like you do with real wood, which gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Installation is fast and easy for you to do yourself, which is another strong benefit of our modular outdoor floors.

Benefits of WPC

WPC is a new material that is quickly becoming a popular choice among many homeowners and business owners. When you want a wood look outdoor flooring, this material has many benefits and characteristics that a traditional wood flooring product cannot offer. These tiles are constructed using layers of wood and plastic that have been pressed together at the factory.

These wood plastic composite pool decking tiles feature a detailed wood grain pattern that replicates the appearance of real hardwood. You'll love the look of this interlocking wood patio flooring, and most people will not be able to tell the difference between our patio decking tiles and real wood decking at first glance.

The textured top surface of the wood plastic composite pool decking tiles provides added traction and allows water to drain through the slats. The wood plastic composite is a great material to use in outdoor areas exposed to weather or even around pools, because the material will resist water, mildew, and mold. Additionally, these WPC tiles are UV stabilized to prevent fading. Wood plastic composite will not splinter, rot, split, or warp with time.

Each of the wood plastic composite pool decking tiles consists of what looks like multiple narrow slats of wood that extend across the entire length of the tile, which further approximates the feeling and look of actual wood tiles.

Potential Use Cases

Our Garden Deck Tile WPC product will work in a wide variety of situations. Our customers have installed these wood plastic composite pool decking tiles in many different locations and areas around their homes and businesses, including some of the following places.

Deck: An all-wood deck looks great when it's installed, but it will begin to show its age after a few years. Rather than re-sanding and re-staining the wood deck, you could lay our composite tiles over the top of the wood deck, giving it a fresh look. The installation process for our tiles will require far less work than redoing the wood deck. As long as the wood deck is stable and can support the weight of people walking on it and sitting in chairs, it will be able to support these tiles laid over the top of the wood.

Exterior Entryways: If you need a sturdy type of flooring to create a discernible exterior entryway area for customers or at your home, these wood plastic composite pool decking tiles work great. They're sturdy and they won't become slippery after a rain like some wooden planks can be.

Outdoor Entertainment Centers: You may have areas at a fair or a theme park where you want to encourage people to gather. Rather than placing chairs and tables in an area that has a cement base or worn wood, placing these fresh looking wood composite tiles in the area will cause it to be inviting. It will maintain its look for a long period of time, only requiring an occasional sweeping or jet washing, so it's a good investment as well.

Patio: If you have a cement patio area at your home or business, you know that it will stain and develop cracks over the years. If you'd like to give this area a new look without the expense or hassle of hiring someone to refurbish the cement, you can lay our patio decking tiles over the top of the cement, creating a sharp looking area that will maintain that look over a long period of time.

Pool: Our wood plastic composite pool decking tiles are a perfect solution in areas where there's constant water. They are resistant to mold because they do not absorb water. They're also slip resistant for people walking in bare feet.

Terrace: If you have a raised terrace area at your home or business, you can make use of the modular outdoor floors over the top of the current materials. Because our tiles allow water to pass through them, they will not affect how rainwater drains away from your terrace.

Walkways: Give those visiting your home or your business a clearly marked walkway they can follow to move around the property. By using these tiles on a walkway, you'll give those following the path a bit of textured grip on the surface when walking, even if the tiles are wet from rain or from watering nearby plants.

We would not suggest using these patio decking tiles over a rubber roofing membrane where you're trying to create a roof patio. Additionally, we do not suggest using these modular outdoor floors in a garage, as they will not support the weight of a vehicle. Finally, you should not install these patio decking tiles in an area where you do not want water to pass through the flooring. Should you be looking for another product for these other types of installation situations, please contact our customer service team, as we have several products that can give you the results you're seeking in these areas.

Easy Installation Process

The wood plastic composite pool decking tiles will lock together without the need for any adhesives. This dry lay installation process means you don't have to work with messy glues. Additionally, you have the option of pulling up the tiles in the future, moving them to a new location or storing them until they're needed again.

Each Garden Deck Tile WPC tile will connect to an adjacent tile using a loop and tab system. Two sides of the bottom of the tile have loops that are visible, as they extend beyond the edge of the tile. The other two sides of the tile have tabs that are not visible, as they are built into the bottom of the tile.

To connect two adjacent tiles for the modular outdoor floors, you'll lay down the tile with the visible loops. Then line up the adjacent tile so the hidden tabs are lined up directly over the loops. Step on the edge of the two tiles, and the tabs should pop into the loops, locking the two tiles together. (At the end of the installation, you will have some tiles where the loops are visible, and you may want to clip off those loops to give the installation a finished look.)

As you can see, these modular outdoor floors will install very quickly. Even if you need to cover a large area, you can take care of the work fast, as you do not need any special adhesives or other materials. Just make sure the sub-floor where the tiles will be installed is sturdy and flat, and you will be ready for the installation process.

Some people will choose to install the wood plastic composite pool decking tiles so that all of the slats in each tile will flow in the same direction. Others may want to create a checkerboard style of pattern in the modular outdoor floors by installing one tile with a vertical orientation, followed by placing the adjacent tile with a horizontal orientation.

An individual piece of the patio deck tiles weighs 2.70 pounds and has a thickness measurement of 7/8 inches, so one person can handle the installation alone. These tough tiles each carry a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Maintenance and Ordering

Maintaining these modular outdoor floors is simple. You can sweep the tiles with a broom to remove dry debris. For more stubborn soils or for a thorough cleaning, you can use a hose with a jet spray nozzle. Stains are not common with our patio decking tiles, but you can lightly sand them if you notice any stains.

Ordering the right number of tiles for our modular outdoor floors just requires you to measure the area you want to cover, as each square tile measures 0.97 feet by 0.97 feet. This gives each tile a coverage area of 0.94 square feet. There is no loss in the coverage area because of the interlocking design, which should simplify the calculation process.

Should you need additional information or should you have any questions about these patio decking tiles, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team. Then prepare to enjoy your new low-maintenance patio deck!


Sweep and spray off as needed.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Wood Plastic Composite
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 7/8 inch
Width 0.97 feet
Length 0.97 feet
SF per Item 0.94
Weight 2.70 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 11
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In China
Surface Finish Grooved
Surface Design Wood Grain
Installation Method Dry-Lay, Interlock Edges
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

can this product be laid on a flat roof with rubber pavers without puncturing the roof membrane?
No this tile is not suitable for a rubber roofing membrane.
Can these be use for a garage floor?
These tile are not tested for the weight of a vehicle.
As the answer to another question you state that these tiles cannot be used on a rubber membrane. Are you saying these cannot be used as rooftop tiles? Or are you saying they can only be used over EPDM? We have a two-story patio and on the Second Story we are planning on putting these over either EPDM or a rubber membrane which would sit on the advantech subfloor.
We think that the bottom of this tile, may damage both EPDM and rubber membranes.
What similar product, which allows drainage, will not potentially damage TPO or rubberized surfaces?
The Staylock Perforated tile is a good option.
We have a wooden playground my husband built and want to add something to the top deck to prevent water entering the playhouse structure below it. Would this product work for that purpose?
Water can go through the slats of this tile.
Is this product made from recycled plastics?
Some percentage of recycled wood fibers for sure - not sure about the plastics, thats more difficult with this type of floor tile, do to material consistences.
Is this tile safe to be placed over a fiberglass rooftop deck?
No this tile is not good for rubber or butimen or fiberglass roof surfaces. The base of this tile is not good with softer surfaces.
I live in Minnesota. Will the tiles last through a MN winter without cracking?
Yes these tiles are designed for all climates.
Can these squares be laid on a pea gravel base to make a patio deck.
These tiles really need to be installed on a hard flat surface.
I have a 160 sq ft deck. How many would I need.
Please contact customer service with the layout dimensions.
WHAT DO you use to trim these tiles?
A table saw to cut the tiles is best
Can this product be put directly on the ground to create a deck?
This tile is designed to be installed on a hard flat surface. The tiles might sink into the ground.
How many tiles in one box?
Each carton has 11 tiles
Can this be used on grass/dirt? Or does it need a cement base first?
This tiles does require a hard flat surface for installation.
Can you walk bare foot on this product if used around pool without being too hot for my feet?
The tile should not heat up more than normal plastic decking.
can these go on top of staylock tiles..needed an underlay that would not puncture EPDM. Are samples avail??
Yes and yes, please contact customer service to discuss this and other options.
Can a heavy barbecue island be placed on top of these tiles?
Yes this tile can take the weight of heavy outdoor furniture.
Can these tiles be laid in an alternating pattern, like parquet? It appears that the way they are assembled that they cannot, but can they be disassembled and reassembled turned 90 degrees?
Some people will choose to install the wood plastic composite pool decking tiles so that all of the slats in each tile will flow in the same direction. Others may want to create a checkerboard style of pattern in the modular outdoor floors by installing one tile with a vertical orientation, followed by placing the adjacent tile with a horizontal orientation.
We have a similar question to the roof top patio application. I have roof top patio that has roof tiles installed over the roofing membrane. Can this product be installed over roof tiles?
The Garden Deck Tiles are best used over a hard, flat surface like wood or concrete. For recommendations for your specific application, please call us.
How do you clean deck tiles?
To clean these tiles, sweep and spray off as needed.
are boarder strips needed? How do these adhere to our already existing deck?
These tiles do not have borders available. They are installed simply by interlocking them over your existing deck.
Can I put these pavers on a flat roof top
These can be installed over concrete, asphalt and wood.

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Customer Rating:

With your help and this great product, Greatmats has transformed my terrace into beautiful! Even the humming birds downtown seem happier hanging here! Little slice of urban heaven! Love love!!
The product was all you said it would be... and more!
Thanks so very much... more than satisfied customer.... ecstatic !!


Customer Rating:

the concept for this decking is interesting +++ hopefully will fit our unique plans for using it

we live in a rural area +++ love to lay out + watch the stars at night

we plan to create an 8'x8' star gazing deck in the middle of our yard this Summer; this decking material will give us an easy way to lay it down in the summer +++ remove in the fall as winter approaches

we will see but we are excited

Kendall, WI