What Are The Best Fence Padding Options For Outdoor Sports Fields?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2024

At a sports stadium or field, fencing is an important part of the facility. Whether the fences are part of the game, as in baseball or softball outfields, or they work to keep fans separate from the field of play, fences appear in every stadium.

Fences consist of sturdy materials anchored to the ground. Such fences are important, but they can create dangerous situations for the athletes making an all-out effort and may run into them. Fence padding is the best option to protect athletes. At Greatmats, we offer multiple products, including custom, that cover the fences and provide protection against impacts.

Why Do You Need Fence Padding?

fence padding outdoors
Sports field and stadium pads cover the anchored materials that make up the fence. When an athlete crashes into the fencing while chasing a ball or after a collision with another athlete, our pads help to soften the impact.

Having such pads available may spell the difference between immediately returning to the game for the athlete who hits the fence and a serious injury that could leave the athlete out of action for a few games by crashing directly into a fence with no pads.

Thicker foam padding delivers a greater level of impact protection than thinner foam, which is ideal in areas where athletes may be moving at top speed. The foam compresses under the force of the impact, absorbing as much energy as possible before springing back to its original shape. Select between 2 inches and 3.75 inches of foam thicknesses.

Benefits of Athletic Fence Padding

Some benefits of using fence pads from Greatmats for your outdoor stadium or sports arena include the following.

  • They make the playing area – and the areas just off the field of play – safer for the athletes.
  • They fit almost any style of fencing that you may have at your stadium playing field, including chain link fences.
  • They have a few different options for attachment, making it easier to install them in the fashion that works best for your facility.
  • They’re made to withstand temperature variations and exposure to UV rays in sunlight.
  • They enhance the stadium's aesthetics with custom colors and graphics.
  • They’re customizable in size, so you can match the padding to the exact fence that you have.

Where to Get Baseball Fence Padding for Chain Link Fences

At Greatmats, we specialize in outdoor fence padding for stadiums and arenas with chain-link fences.

Don’t let the open structure of the chain link fool you into thinking that an athlete won’t suffer an injury when hitting the fence. At Greatmats, we’ve heard many customer stories of injuries after a player crashes into a chain link fence with no padding installed.

Chain link support posts often have a solid base of concrete, meaning there is no give when someone runs into them at half-speed or full speed. The safety pads, however, give the players the best chance of avoiding an injury after a collision.

Product Options for Fence and Wall Padding

outdoor wall padding
At Greatmats, we have multiple ordering options for pads you can use around the stadium or field.


The typical pad widths are 4 feet, and you can order varying lengths to match the height of the fence you need to cover. We also offer custom widths if your fences don’t quite match the typical standards.

Graphics and Colors

Pads don’t have to be plain-looking. Instead, use our padded products to enhance the look and atmosphere at your stadium or field.

We have multiple base colors you can select for the vinyl covering. Find colors that match the home team, giving the stadium a feeling that’ll excite the fans. If desired, add custom lettering and graphics when you order for the perfect finishing touch.

Attachment Options

  • Bolt-on: Use a bolt-on installation to attach the backing plates on our Outdoor Field Wall Padding for Chain Link Fences. These attachments use threaded washer inserts and screws made of stainless steel that will resist corrosion.

  • Grommet: If you prefer to connect the padding to the chain link with 14-inch, 50-pound-break nylon ties instead of screws, our Outdoor Field Wall Padding With Grommets has a 1.5-inch flap of vinyl fabric with #2 stainless steel grommets inserted every 12 inches to help you create a secure connection at the top and bottom of the pad. If you need to attach this product to a concrete wall, use concrete anchors in the grommets.

Other Options for Padding at Stadiums

pole padding
We understand that not all fences at outdoor stadiums consist of chain links. Should you need to protect other anchored materials, we have options at Greatmats.

  • Solid Walls: If you have concrete and wood walls around your stadium, we have outdoor wall padding products made specifically for these surfaces, like softball and baseball backstop padding or padding on a rail near the dugout.

  • Poles and Posts: Athletic fields can have posts that are part of the structure of the stadium, as well as flag poles or goal posts that are close to the field of play. We have wrap-around pole pads that fit tightly to these posts for maximum protection.

If you need help selecting the best outfield chain link fence padding or other athletic stadium structure pads, contact the Greatmats customer service team. Our outdoor fence padding experts are ready to give you the advice you need.