Top Flooring for Modern Dance - Marley Dance Floors

By Kif Richmann Created: May, 2017 - Modified: August, 2023

If you are purchasing a modern dance floor, you need to take your time and choose a product that will give you long-lasting quality and performance. It should provide proper traction, cushioning, and support, and it should be priced to meet your specific budget. There are many types of dance routines and many different flooring options, but with the right information, you can make the perfect decision.

Flooring comes in many different materials, shapes, sizes, and forms, so make sure you understand the most important considerations for any modern dance studio flooring.

Top Flooring Considerations for Modern Dance

Usable for Bare Feet

One of the most important factors for choosing a modern dance floor is whether or not it can be used with bare feet. Many different types of dance require bare feet, and even ballet uses soft shoes that are very similar to bare feet. Having a soft, versatile surface that dancers can use with a wide variety of footwear is essential.

Be sure to consider the type of footwear dancers will use during performance or practice, and purchase a flooring that will meet these specific needs. If the flooring will be used for many types of modern dance, then consider a versatile flooring that is useful for hard and soft shoes as well as a dancer's bare feet.


Cushioning is also important. In competitive martial arts like wrestling or jiu jitsu, you obviously need a large amount of soft padding and support. While you certainly don't need complete cushioning for most performing arts such as dance routines, it helps to have some soft padding under your feet. This is especially important if your dance routines involve lifts and jumps of any kind.

Cushioning is not just important for preventing injuries caused by falls; it also can make a difference on the health of knees, ligaments, hips, and other areas of the body that can be affected by constant impacts. Find a modern dance floor that will provide a basic amount of cushioning and you'll be able to dance much better for a longer period!

Simple, Fast Installation

Installation should be fast and simple for your flooring because you don't want to spend hours and hours installing the product. This is especially important if you will be using the modern dance studio flooring mats or rolls at different locations on a regular basis. Make sure you are purchasing a product that can be installed with little to no special adhesives or glues.

Not only should the modern dance floor be easy to install, it should also be easy to disassemble. You should be able to take apart the flooring or roll it up quickly and clear the area fast.


How easily does the flooring material store in a closet, vehicle or equipment trailer? Being able to store your dance floor mats in different locations will create convenience and reliability. This makes life much easier for traveling dance teams and theaters that need dance flooring that is easily removed and stored away.

Being able to pack the flooring in a small area is important for dance studios or gyms that have lots of equipment. In this case, ease of storage creates an organized, functional facility.


Like any purchasing decision, pricing is always important. Be sure to consider the pricing on any dance floor, and note the amount of items you'll get with a single order. For example, some flooring products are shipped in single units, while others are sold in bulk packages. Take a thorough look and consider the price (and what you'll get for that price) when purchasing flooring material.

Will You Need Sub-flooring?

Some modern dance flooring surfaces will require sub-flooring, so be sure to consider this factor before you buy. One of the most important parts is the surface underneath. Some mats, for example, are not built for placement over carpet. In this case, you will need to purchase a quality sub-flooring in order to preserve both the carpet and your dance floor.

Sub-flooring can also increase the cushioning over hard surfaces such as concrete, so it may be a good choice if you need a soft landing space for your dance routines.


You can't complete a good dance routine if you're slipping and sliding uncontrollably all over the floor. Research the material's slip resistance to ensure the product will give you quality and reliability. It always helps to have a material that is strong and supportive, but slip resistance can increase the safety of your floor, as well as your facility.

Many modern dance floors made from vinyl are slip resistant, even when wearing hard or soft-soled shoes. They also provide great traction for bare feet, making them a versatile options for any dance team or facility.

What is a Marley Floor?

One of the terms you will often hear when searching for a modern dance flooring is ''marley floors.'' This is a specific type of dance flooring that is made from sheets of vinyl. They usually come in rolled sheets and are often quite thin, as thin as 1.5 millimeters. This type of flooring is often used by theaters that have many different performances and need a temporary dance floor surface. It's also a industry standard for many dance studios.

Top Options for Modern Dance Flooring

Rosco Adagio Full Roll

This versatile, durable roll is perfect for many different types of dancing. Made from a tough vinyl material, the roll measures 5.25 feet and can be rolled out to a full length of 101 feet. With a full thickness of 1.5 millimeters, the mat is thin, which allows it to roll into a tight cylinder, making storage easier. Even a full roll can be stored in closets or placed in vehicles for transportation.

These dance floor rolls come with a 5-year warranty. They are durable and effective, giving dancers of all types a reliable space to practice or perform. The vinyl is non-absorbent and non-reflective. It is also skid-resistant, making it a good option for tap dancing and ballet performance. It can be used as a temporary surface, but also doubles as a permanent dance floor if needed. It does not require any special adhesives or tape, although they can be used if you are permanently laying the roll out dance floor mat.

Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Tour Cushion 10.5x10 Ft

This Adagio 10-foot by 10.5-foot package is perfect for a wide range of dancing and special activities. It includes a vinyl surface that comes in a roll that can be moved and stored as needed. It also includes 25 tiles of the Sport Plus Designer foam tile, to serve as a cushioned underlayment, and one roll of floor tape.

It will give you 20 linear feet of Adagio marley dance floor, so you'll have plenty of room for the most advanced dances and activities. It is designed to install quickly, and can be laid over any hard surface, which means you can take it wherever you need to perform.

Although the standard size for this portable dance floor mat is 10.5x10 feet, the product can be ordered to custom sizes. Feel free to contact our team for more information on custom orders. With durability and comfort, this modern dance floor can be used with shoes or bare feet.

Portable Dance Floor 3x3 Ft Seamless Solid Color Vinyl Cam Lock

If you want an elegant, reliable flooring surface for your dance floor, these portable tiles are a great option. They come in high-quality 3x3-foot paneling, allowing you to create a dance floor at the specific size required for your activity.

These tiles use one of the strongest locking systems available: the cam-lock technology. With a lock and latch system, this is our strongest locking mechanism, creating an unbeatable hold for your modern dance flooring.

These tiles have a top surface made from high-quality vinyl, and you can choose between white or black. This makes the dance floor strong as well as attractive, and maintenance can often be completed with little more than a soft push broom. Although waxing is recommended, you will not need to perform frequent maintenance for this modern dance studio flooring.

Subfloor Dance Studio Elite

For a fast, easy, and affordable dance floor studio subflooring, few options can compete with this subfloor. Not only are is it one of the most cost-effective dance subfloorings in our inventory, it is also durable thanks to two layers of high-quality polypropylene plastic and EVA foam material.

The top layer of tiles come in 1-foot squares and have a snap-together design, which is easy for anyone to connect. The bottom layer consists of 2-foot foam squares that connect together like a puzzle. Together, they are one inch thick, giving slight cushioning while maintaining proper firmness for modern dance.

Because these tiles are lightweight and easy to connect, they make excellent portable modern dance flooring. This subfloor is perfect for your traveling dance group or a competing dance team. It will set up quickly and can be disassembled in a flash. With cushion, affordability, and durability, this is the dance sub-flooring you have to have!

Note: Most customers will top this subfloor system with a marley surface.

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