Rhythms Dance Academy - Windsor Locks, Connecticut

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Our studio has been open for 11 years, but we have moved 3 times. Our first studio had a roof collapse and we were forced to move. When we were at our second studio, my sister who was the owner and director unexpectedly passed away at the age of 26. Since then I have taken over and we have moved the studio to a bigger space.

If we won the prize from Greatmats, I would use the money to buy a newer floor for my students or use the cash prize to buy mirrors and more ballet barres since those are two things we still have not been able to afford yet in our new building. We did have mirrors at our second studio but they were glued to the wall and had to be broken to be taken down. My students keep asking for mirrors and I keep telling them that we are trying to get them so this would really make their day and their dance experience all the more worth while. Thank you for your consideration.

Our first day in business 11 years ago. My sister pictured farthest to the left was 19 when she opened the studio and I ( pictured farthest to the right) took over when I was 20. My mom in the middle has helped out all 11 years and has helped keep the studio running.

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Haley Sambo, Owner/Director
Rhythms Dance Academy
Windsor Locks CT 06096
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