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Power Dance Company - West Bloomfield, Michigan

By Created: June, 2017 - Modified: March, 2021

Power Dance Company first opened our door June 2015! We are currently ending our 2nd season of dance and slowly approaching our 3rd season.

When I started Power Dance Company, my mission and goal is to create the well rounded dancer and to prepare all of my students for commercial, college and dance team auditions! I started with 20 students and I am finishing off my 2nd year with 40!!

I am a super small studio and I would like to stay that way so I can create a bond with each one of my students! Having small class sizes not only gives me the opportunity to learn HOW my students learn, but WHO they are as human beings! We are like a FAMILY at PDC!! We love and support each other through every trial and tribulation! They make my life so full and complete.

Being a 2nd year business and a small studio, I don't always have the funds to buy the materials that I need for my classes. I currently make enough money to pay all of my bills and my teachers.

If Power Dance Company is blessed with this gracious gift, I would use the money to buy different tools for learning and growth. For my recreational classes, I would buy all of the instructional ballet and tap CD's so that my babies can get the proper foundation and knowledge of ballet and tap. For my competition team, I would buy exercise bands, weights, balancing balls, yoga blocks and more to help promote flexibility and strength in there bodies.

The items, I feel like, are necessary to the growth and development for all dancers any age. Learning the proper fundamentals and DISCIPLINE for any dancer will help them in their adult life whether they want to pursue dance as a career or not. I want all of my dancers, when they walk away from Power Dance Company, to have the proper tools and knowledge to be a person that will be an ASSET to society. I want them to walk away knowing what discipline means, how to be on time for events, how to dress appropriately for interviews and auditions and most importantly, how to treat the next human being!

Thank you all so much for this amazing opportunity! I am blessed and honored to enter into this contest with tons of other hardworking and talented studio owners. Thank you for providing this for us!

Attached is a picture of my 2016-2017 Power Dance Company Elite Competition Team. Along with a video of our highest scoring routine this season!!

I hope that you enjoy and thank you for considering me and my dancers for this amazing opportunity!

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Elite dance subfloor
Ryann Taylor, Owner
Power Dance Company
West Bloomfield MI 48323