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Dance Flooring - Ballerinas By Night Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: June, 2021 - Modified: December, 2022

Ballerinas By Night began in 2013 in Norman, Oklahoma, as a way to support adults that were beginning or returning to ballet.

“Our mission is to raise awareness about adults who are beginning or continuing their dance education, while providing information that can help class work be more successful,” said co-founder Jana Carson.

Known for class and technique videos as well as vlogs that showcase the various aspects of life as an adult ballet dancer, Ballerina’s By Night was also founded by Abby Hudgins.

Long Lasting Greatmats

Abby first discovered Greatmats in 2010 when she was looking for quality, affordable marley that was versatile for multiple styles of dance.

She also purchased some 1 inch thick high density foam mats from Greatmats for her ballet and ballroom studio (Awen Academy of Ballet and Ballroom) subfloor.

“I got the mats as a subfloor because they were designed for the impact of jumps, and got the marley because it was necessary for ballet, but versatile for other styles as well,” Abby said.

Everything moved into their houses when the studio closed, and Abby says, “It has all held up really well. My whole family uses the mats for workouts that require jumping, and they are really great for a home gym or workout area.”

“Although I bought these materials from Greatmats years ago, I remember the process being very easy,” Abby said. “The quotes were correct with no hidden charges, and the staff was really great with communicating everything to me. I have always advised people to order from Greatmats if they needed flooring.”

About Jana and Abby

Jana took ballet for seven years growing up, stopped for awhile and then came back as an adult. She never had natural technique, and so as a kid she just sort of wrote off she would not be able to do a lot of the “fun things”!

But when Abby became her teacher as an adult, she taught her how to be a technical dancer - placement, muscle usage, balance. She couldn’t believe what she was capable of and she felt like she had to let people know to not limit themselves just because of age!

Abby grew up dancing, began training pre-professionally in high school and was dancing professionally at age 17. She left the world of professional ballet to get her undergraduate and master’s degrees, then returned as both a dancer and a teacher. She is now a ballet mom to a 12 year-old pre-professional male dancer, but is also passionate about continuing her own dancing and encouraging other adults to continue - or begin!
Abby Hudgins and Jana Carson
Ballerinas By Night
Norman OK