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dance flooring sale ends august 31
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Fast and Lower Cost Shipping Ohio,Wyoming, Arkansas, Minnesota and In Between

dance flooring sale ends august 31

Greatmats stocks commercial and home dance studio and portable dance flooring in the Midwest for quick shipments and affordable shipping costs to customers located in Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota.

Dance flooring is available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to match the material to the exact type of dance that’s occurring at your studio or your home. We offer interlocking tile dance floor products, as well as inexpensive rolls, so you can match the flooring to your budget too.

Some types of dance flooring are heavy or bulky, which means you could end up with big shipping costs. That’s why we at Greatmats have warehouses in different parts of the United States, allowing us to keep the products near the customers. This also means we can perform fast shipping, while passing savings on shipping to the customer.

For those customers in the middle of the country, we ship from our Midwest warehouse. This location serves customers in states including:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Colorado
  3. Illinois
  4. Indiana
  5. Iowa
  6. Kansas
  7. Michigan
  8. Minnesota
  9. Missouri
  10. Nebraska
  11. North Dakota
  12. Ohio
  13. South Dakota
  14. Wisconsin
  15. Wyoming

Here are some things to think about as you’re preparing to purchase dance flooring.

Portability. If you will be holding dance practice in different areas from day to day, or if you need a type of floor that can go to performance venues with you, portability is an important feature.

Often times, interlocking tiles will provide the portability you want. The interlocking edges on these tiles are made to be assembled and disassembled many times. Additionally, individual tiles are small and lightweight enough that they’re easy to transport from place to place.

Having portable dance tiles is a smart idea when you don’t always know what kind of subfloor you’re going to encounter at the performance venue. You don’t want the dancers performing on bare concrete, for example.

If you need a roll of floor that’s portable, our Rosco Adagio Tour flooring is a popular choice among touring dance groups. This style of flooring is thinner than other types of marley floors we offer, which reduces the overall weight and makes the roll easier to move from performance to performance. This marley roll is versatile for many types of dance performances.

Some people like to create portable dance flooring surfaces for practice at home. For tap dance, you may want to consider a kit that consists of portable tiles. These tiles will lock together, providing a 3-by-3-foot space for practice. The kit even has ramped border pieces to make stepping onto and off of the portable floor safer for everyone in the house.

Smooth surfaces. For some types of dance, having a floor surface with no obvious seams is extremely important. Even a slightly raised seam could cause a dancer to stumble, potentially leading to an injury.

Often times, you will want to select a roll of marley flooring to reduce the number of seams in the floor, as rolls of marley commonly have a width of 4 feet and can cover a large area in a short amount of time. Irish, tap, modern, and ballet are types of dance that all work well with Rosco Adagio marley dance floor rolls.

Rolls of marley are available in multiple colors, although black, gray, and white are the most common. When you want a better value from your marley roll of flooring, consider a reversible roll, which has different colors on each side of the floor, allowing you to match the floor color to the type of performance.

To reduce the possibility of a seam popping loose with marley floor, you should use vinyl floor tape at the seams or attach it to the subfloor with double sided tape.

Cushioned flooring. When you want to give dancers a bit of bounce or cushion in the floor, sprung dance floors are a great choice. This type of flooring can absorb the impact of many dance styles, including flamenco, Irish, and folk. This reduces the stress on the dancers’ ankle, knee, and hip joints, allowing them to practice and perform for longer periods of time injury-free.

Another option when you want to create a bit of firm cushioning is by installing a rubber underlayment underneath a thin vinyl or marley floor. Rubber is extremely durable, but it has just a little bit of cushioning to protect the lower body joints of the dancer.

For even more cushion, consider one of our subflooring systems that utilize a layer of high density eva foam tiles.

Dance flooring buying guide. No matter what kind of dance practice or performance you have in mind, having the right dance flooring is important. If the flooring in use is not made for the dance style you’re using, it could lead to an injury or a slip, creating an unsafe environment.

Whether you need a specific type of flooring to handle one particular dance style, or you need a versatile flooring that works well with multiple types of dance, Greatmats has products ready to meet your budget. We have dance flooring that’s made for setting up a practice area at your home, creating a performance area at a facility, or anything in between.

When shipping from our Midwest warehouse, many of our standard dance floor products are ready to send out in a couple of days. Special orders usually require up to a couple of weeks to ship. Either way, you’ll save money and time, thanks to receiving dance flooring from our nearby warehouse.

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