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Home Garage Gym Flooring - Karl Streit Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: August, 2017 - Modified: July, 2020

Thirty-four-year-old fitness coach coach has been involved with CrossFit training for four year and has coached at multiple gyms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.

When he and his wife, Tess, moved into their new how, Karl was able to include a garage gym into plans for their new space, with Tess's support.

''Tess and I both really enjoyed working out when we met,'' Karl said. ''We tried to find something that kind of met both of our needs and interests and CrossFit seemed to be a good fit. Obviously, I was very much into it at the time. Tess had her own lifting program. We started going to the gym together and one of the things we like was just being able to share that time working out.''

Training at least five days per week, 2-4 hours per day, Karl was excited to have the convenience of not having to drive to the gym every time he wanted to workout.

When looking for flooring for CrossFit training, he knew he wanted a rubber surface, and there were a few important features that stood out as must-have's for Karl.
  1. Impact absorption - to protect his concrete floor from dropped weights.
  2. Non-abrasive surface - top protect his skin when doing floor based exercises.
  3. Not too soft - to allow for maximum output during power-based lifts.

Home Gym Rubber Floor Mats

Competitive Tumbling and Gymnastics Landing Mats

Shok-Lok Rubber Gym Floor Tiles from Greatmats fit all those criteria and more.

''Delivery was really easy,'' Karl said. ''It showed up on a truck. I signed for it. That was as difficult as it got.''

Admitting he doesn't fit the bill as a handyman, Karl was also pleased to find that installation of the rubber tiles was equally as easy.

''This was very straightforward and simple. It didn't really require a whole lot of tools. Everything snapped together very easily, and I was done with it in maybe 20 minutes at the most.''

Once the Shok-Lok tiles were installed, he continued to be impressed with his choice, noting that despite have no glue, nails or significant subfloor prep work, the tiles did not shift.

''This is great,'' he said. ''It offers enough friction that I'm not moving around at all. I'm also not tearing up my hands when I'm doing push ups and hand stands. ... You don't get the cushy feel where you're losing power when you're cleaning and snatching. ... Dropping weights on this really doesn't affect the flooring below it.''
Karl Streit
Home Garage Gym
Woodbury MN