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Cardio Flooring - Terra Mitzel Plyometric Rubber Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: March, 2020 - Modified: September, 2023

After a lifetime of attention to physical fitness, Terra Mitzel recently took up bodybuilding and earned her pro card in her very first competition. As part of the process of getting prepared for the stage, Mitzel exercises 6 to 7 days per week blending cardio and weight training exercises. With so much time in the gym, she’s found cardio exercise flooring to be in important aspect to her training.

“When I’m lifting or doing cardio, the type of flooring I look for is one that has cushion and also has some good grip,” she says. “When I’m doing crunches or planks, something where I’m on the ground, I want to know that my body is protected and I’m not getting bruises or scrapes from a ground that could potentially be a little harder - as well as grip for when I’m doing things like lunges, squats - things where I’d be doing quick movements it would be terrible if I was too fall. I always look to make sure that I have that grip so that way I can lift a little bit heavier. I can be a little bit more comfortable and really focus on my form and what I’m doing in that moment and not where my feet are.”

One type of flooring she’s come to appreciate is plyometric rubber flooring rolls. This recycled rubber is less dense than most rubber flooring offering slightly more cushion, yet it maintains that excellent traction she’s looking for on the safety front.

“When I was on the plyometric rubber mat, the first thing that really stood out to me was how much grip it had and how much I could do and the agility and movements I could make and feel safe when on there,'' Mitzel said. ''It did have a little cushion for me, so that when I’m squatting, I could feel that protection in my heels - when I’m doing lunges, again, feel that protection. And if my knee was to touch the ground from dipping low, I have that, and that’s very important to me. As well as if I need to do a super set and jump right into a crunch, it’s soft enough that I wouldn’t need to go and pull out a mat to do something like that.”

Mitzel also likes the black, sharp clean look of the rubber material that has become the standard for most gym atmospheres.

Terra Mitzel